5 Causes of Drug and Alcohol Dependency in Young Adults

Drug Use in Young Adults

No matter your age, addiction is a disease with the propensity to wreak havoc on not only the individual, but their loved ones as well. It’s easy for this generation to make it seem like they’re living the perfect life through photos and social media. But no matter how happy one may seem or how good you believe their life to be, many young adults become addicted to drugs for a variety of reasons. That being said, let’s take a look at five of the most common causes of addiction in young adults.

Lack of Direction

Although it is not always practical to have your whole life planned out at an early age, the lack of direction in many young adults’ lives can serve as a catalyst for drug addiction. Young adults who are excited about their futures have less idle time to get involved with drugs, while those with no solid plans may turn to drugs as a form of comfort. If you feel like you have no ambitions, and partying is derailing you from having important plans and goals, it might be time to consider getting help.

To Fit In

Addiction Among Young PeopleOn the flip side, depending on who the teen/young adult is surrounded by, fitting in may also be the cause of addiction. If a young person is surrounded by people who are always using drugs and seem to be having a “good time”, the individual may partake in the substance use just to avoid being left out. Furthermore, peer pressure also plays a factor in addiction in young adults: if the individual’s friends are always using drugs, they may make it a point to try and get their sober friend to “try” the drug, in hopes of triggering a long-lasting addiction. Young adults tend to feel more okay with drug use if the majority of their friends are also participating.

Social Issues

On the flipside, many people use drugs as a social lubricant to avoid awkward interactions and other issues that tend to be associated with socially awkward individuals. Given that many substances are seen as a way to remove inhibitions, using drugs has been a go-to for those looking to “let their hair down”, so to speak. A teen may start using drugs to ward off anxiety during an outing or two, and this could still serve to be the catalyst of a full-blown addiction.


Although experts are not quite certain on how much of a role genetics plays in addiction, it is proven to be a contributing factor. In addition to being genetically predisposed, a person with an addicted parent or family member is often surrounded by substance abuse on a consistent basis, which only adds to its temptation/normalcy. Pay attention to behaviors going on at home, and if they could be having an influence on your own.


Lastly, while some may start doing drugs to fit in, others do them to stand out. For rebellious teens and young adults, drugs bring them a sense of freedom as they self-medicate against the real issues plaguing their lives. Drugs are also depicted in movies as being “hardcore” and “cool”, and something that adds an edge to someone’s personality. Unfortunately, the people in movies are only characters and the behaviors you imitate in your real life could lead to down an extremely addictive spiral.

Addiction Help

If you are on the path to sobriety, Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is here to help you. We offer services such as medical detoxes, interventions, trauma therapy, inpatient treatment, rehab for pilots, treatments specific to men and women, and much more: no matter who you are or how severe your addiction is, AARC has got you covered.

Addiction is a very serious matter, especially for young adults who are still developing, and there is no shame in getting help. Given that it is such an intense issue, those who are having trouble quitting a particular drug are always advised to seek the help of professionals in the field. AARC offers a variety of well-trained professionals who are adept in assessing new patients and creating personalized treatment plans to help address all their addiction-related needs. Call us today to determine which of our programs is best-suited for you.