Addiction treatment and recovery is a long journey. Aside from dealing with its impacts on your health, you also have to confront the emotional burden that comes along with the process. You may become depressed or think of turning back to your old ways due to cravings. Therefore, it’s extremely important for you to stay positive no matter what and adopt a healthy lifestyle to overcome addiction.

In the world of today, podcasts about addiction recovery are gaining popularity among people who want to overcome addiction and return to routine life.

Podcasts are on-demand digital audio and video files. They are the modern form of radio that allows you to listen to audio and video broadcasts. You can subscribe to podcast channels that align with your interests and receive notifications whenever a new podcast is available to listen to.

If you’re looking for podcasts that can motivate you and help with your addiction recovery journey, give the following podcasts a try:

Unbroken – Hannah Mirmiran

Nothing motivates you to stop substance abuse more than listening to a fellow recovering addict. Unbroken is a great podcast that addicts of all ages should listen to.

Hannah Mirmiran is a mother, a licensed psychotherapist, and a recovering alcoholic. She launched this podcast to share her struggles with others. Moreover, she also explains what motivated her to go for addiction treatment and how she was able to focus on recovery.

Hannah Mirmiran learned that sharing her story helped her reduce guilt, enhance self-esteem, and understand more about addiction. Sharing her story with others helped her raise awareness and assist those who are also struggling with addiction.

Sober Guy Radio – Shane Ramer

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The person behind this popular podcast is Shane Ramer. He was able to turn his life around and get rid of his alcohol and drug addictions.

Some people turn to addiction due to childhood trauma or because they grow up seeing their parents abusing drugs or alcohol. The same happened with Ramer, whose father was an addict. He started drinking and using drug when he was just 15 years old. However, he realized that he was neglecting his family and failed to be a good husband and father due to addiction.

Just like many other addicts, he was also tempted to take his own life. However, he didn’t take that way out and instead asked for help. Through his podcasts, he shares his own struggles as well as guide others in regard to how they can live a healthy and happy life through addiction treatment. Shane’s own experiences have him in spreading awareness about the impacts of addiction and help others improve their lifestyle.

Since Right Now

For every person struggling with substance addiction and looking for a way out, this podcast is a must-listen. The podcast hosts are Jeff, Chris, and Matt who bring a unique style to their podcast series and encourage people to live an addiction-free life.

Aside from sharing the life stories of famous and accomplished personalities, Since Right Now also includes interviews of bloggers, activists, and authors who are contributing to the well-being of the recovery community.

It has been said that a majority of alcohol and drug addicts are creative and you’ll agree once you listen to the interviews covered in these podcasts. You can gain access to recovery-related content and learn from the experiences of others who successfully quit their addictions.

The Bubble Hour – Jean M.

Despite the raising awareness on addiction, many people still deny that they’re reliant on a substance. Jean M. is a sober woman who aims to break the stereotypes and help people struggling with addiction through her podcast, The Bubble Hour.

The journey to sobriety begins with self-awareness. Once a person accepts they abuse alcohol or drugs, only then can they successfully attend to addiction treatment. However, some addicts are ashamed of their condition and fear they will lose the trust and respect of others if they reveal that they need help. This is a main reason why addicts tend to avoid pursuing addiction treatment.

Jean M. educates people about addiction treatment. Aside from encouraging addicts to overcome addiction, she also guides people on how they can support their loved ones who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and bring them back to a healthy life. She also interviews other sober people from the community for this purpose.

Rewired Radio

Despite knowing the negative impacts of drug or alcohol abuse on health and lifestyle, many addicts are unable to overcome addiction. The fear of experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms and the hardships they come across during recovery are enough to keep them from asking for help.

However, your biggest achievement is when you accept addiction and look for ways to quit. While the journey is quite straining, it’s worth giving it a try.

With Rewired Radio podcast, you can understand addiction and learn how to overcome it through willpower and gratitude.


You may know about some of the famous figures from the entertainment industry who risked their careers or lost their lives due to addiction. While such news saddens everyone, you may ponder over the reasons that led them to addiction.

AfterPartyPod is associated with AfterParty Magazine that highlights the lives of actors, musicians, and other artists who became addicted to alcohol or drugs and were able to overcome addiction. Not only does this podcast educate you about addiction and its consequences, but it also motivates people to stay determined and recover from this condition.

The road to addiction recovery may be challenging, but if you keep in mind its positive impacts, you’ll find it easier to recover from this disease. Aside from joining a rehab program, listening to recovery podcasts can guide you toward a better life. For any additional questions or information, contact Arizona Addiction Recovery Center today.

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