Affording Drug Addiction Treatment: What Are Your Payment Options?

Paying for Addiction Treatment

In the United States, only 50% of people with a substance abuse disorder undergo addiction treatment programs. One of the prevailing reasons for avoiding treatment is the misconception that it is too expensive and unaffordable. This keeps the majority of the abuse-suffering population from pursuing the treatment they desperately need.

Contrary to popular belief, rehab treatment can be made quite affordable. Some can be expensive, but is an investment that is worth making for a healthier life and future. The cost of rehab varies widely. It depends on which rehab program you decide to enroll in, and the levels of care necessary for your recovery.

For instance, residential inpatient programs are the most expensive level of care. But, they are not mandatory to undergo: you can opt for an outpatient program instead. The latter costs less and is also included in some healthcare insurance plans.

Payment Options for TreatmentOther than healthcare insurance plans, there are several options available that you can choose from to support addiction treatment and begin your journey down the road toward recovery. The first step you need to take is to make sure you are willing to go through the process, with a total commitment to getting clean and living a sober life.

When you decide to undergo treatment, you can consult a rehab professional to help you determine which treatment program is best suited for you, as well as the payment options you can make use of.

To make the process easier, this blog post is designed to provide a brief overview of the payment methods that you can take advantage of during treatment.

Paying with Insurance

The first option that you can make use of is paying through a private health plan: several healthcare insurance plans offer coverage for substance abuse treatment. All of them may not offer you complete reimbursement, but they do cover a portion of the fees and this alone can make things much more affordable.

To understand what your healthcare insurance covers, consult your insurance provider and they will offer you the details and information you need in regard to your specific plan. If you’re not sure what to ask your insurance provider, your chosen rehab facility can also help in determining which services are covered in your plan, pertinent to drug rehab.

Insurance companies that offer healthcare plans, such as Cigna, Blue Cross, and United Healthcare, are known for their rehab treatment support. If you have insurance with any one of these companies, you can benefit immensely during treatment.

There are also some insurance providers who provide a list of approved addiction treatment centers that they will assist with. You would still have to pay for a portion for your treatment, but the overall cost will be lowered and your insurance provider would be contributing to fees as well.

Paying Out of Pocket

This option is also known as private pay. With this form of payment, you pay privately and do not have to involve any third parties, i.e. insurance companies. You can make your own choice as far as which facility you want to pursue treatment at, and the extent of the level of care you want to take. You are completely in charge of your treatment and the costs it entails.

This can be beneficial for some because you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or uncovered expenses. You can opt for the services that meet your needs best, without getting tricked into making payments you weren’t aware of. Another benefit of private pay is that some healthcare providers offer discounts to patients who pay for their treatment in cash.

Personal Loans

Paying out of pocket may not be an option for everyone, especially when you are investing a significant amount of your money in your addiction. In these cases, you can take benefit from personal loans to cover the costs of treatment.

Taking out personal loans can also make you eligible for cash discounts from healthcare and rehab providers. The rehab provider you choose for your addiction treatment can help guide you through the process, as certain providers have relationships with banks and lenders which can be confusing to deal with for some. Going this route will help you secure your loan and avoid any additional fees.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid are federal and state-sponsored health benefits that are available to certain demographics in the United States. These programs offer payment options for substance and alcohol addiction treatment. Each of these programs has different requirements that make a person eligible for its benefits.

With Medicare, you can utilize insurance benefits if you are over the age of 65 or under the age of 19. They will also be provided if you are pregnant or have children. Medicaid is available for people who have a specific income range and cannot meet the requirements for any other payment options.

Gathering relevant information and determining the best way to finance your addiction treatment is the smartest way to go about the process. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center offers a wide range of payment options to aid your experience. Our goal is to facilitate your journey and sobriety as much as we can.

Call or visit us today to discover which one of our payment methods would work best for you and your finances. Our team can help navigate the process, and provide you with the answers you need to make the right decision for yourself or for a family member who is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. All it takes is a simple conversation to bring your life back on track. Take the leap today, and let’s find a better future together.