Addiction Rehab Near Me

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Addiction Rehab Near Me

It is not enough to simply check in to a rehab center in your local town. Quality service requires the dignity and respect that everyone deserves. Addiction is an epidemic. The Arizona Addiction Recovery Center offers trained and certified staff in a recognized facility geared towards success.  

Addiction Rehab Near Me  

There are many addiction centers in Arizona. However, not all offer an appropriate standard of care. Long term and short-term facilities should be certified by at least one of the major agencies. The Joint Commission on National Quality Approval and Fair Care Promise understand what makes a facility great.  

What types of therapy are available?  

Certified organizations offer a range of services. Patients with beneficial connections do not need to remove themselves from the community entirely. Work and specific associations such as to a church or help group promote integration, making outpatient therapy useful.  

In other cases, especially at the beginning of your journey, returning to a healthy lifestyle requires completely removing yourself from harmful or detrimental influences. Long term treatment combined with a stay in a residential center allows you to break free from your past.  

Despite the effort, we understand that there are times when cravings are too much. When this happens, monitored detox offers an understanding and safe space.  

Finding Addiction Rehab Near Me in Arizona  

With over thirty million people experiencing the crippling effects addiction in the United States, there is no shortage of patients or counselors. Not every treatment center is equal. The Arizona Addiction Recovery Center strives to provide the highest level of care possible.  

Our experts offer group and individualized therapies tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for help while growing your career and maintaining a family or need extensive care, we offer qualified care.  

Both the Joint Commission on National Quality Approval and Fair Care Promise recognize our commitment to excellence and lasting success. We treat every case with dignity and respect. No lifestyle is the same. Our specialized care offers everyone the chance to return to a productive life while group therapy allows you to grow a new network dedicated to sobriety.  

Does insurance cover addiction treatment?  

Recovery has a cost. Long term treatment expenses are over $10000. However, the cost of addiction is much higher. Tooth loss, weight loss, and degeneration are problems that simply cannot be ignored.  

Luckily, most insurance agencies cover various parts of rehabilitation. Medication, therapy, and detox typically fall within most plans. Coverage usually does not extend to a residential facility though.  

We accept plans from many agencies. This includes Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, and the Indian Health Services. There is no need to fear about debt. In fact, the total cost of addiction is much higher than that of treatment when considering lost work days, legal costs, prison time, and health bills.  

The Arizona Addiction Recovery Center in Scottsdale, Arizona dedicates itself to providing the best care possible. Do not let your demons gain control. Get in touch with us today. 

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Addiction Rehab Near Me
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Addiction Rehab Near Me Addiction Rehab Near Me Addiction Rehab Near Me Addiction Rehab Near Me


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