Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City

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Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City

Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City

At The Giving Tree, we know how difficult it is to recover from alcoholism. This mental disorder causes countless victims every year worldwide, and it doesn’t look like slowing down. Part of that is due to people resorting to self-detox or participating in ineffective rehab treatments. We have a better solution for you.

Come to our alcohol treatment center in Studio City and things will begin to change for you! What we offer is different than what you usually get from a conventional detox clinic. Our rehab treatment functions based on a holistic concept – the body, mind, and spirit work in harmony. Alcoholism will infect everything, rendering you unable to enjoy life anymore.

We can change that. At our center, you will receive:

Extensive psychological and emotional support

While medication is vital in reducing the withdrawal symptoms and stabilizing your condition, it’s merely the first stage in the rehab process. To correct your behavioral and emotional problems, we use advanced therapeutic procedures like:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This form of therapy uses the concept of thought-feeling connection. What you feel in a given situation will influence what you think, and this will transpire in your behavior even years after the fact. Knowing that CBT will improve your reaction to stress, improve mental toughness, and eliminate the emotional imbalance.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – The DBT provides you with the right tools to cope with your conditioned behavior. It’s a therapeutic procedure that focuses on aspects like PTSD, emotional distress, erratic thinking, and negative emotions and thoughts. Combined with other therapeutic procedures, CBT is a vital addition to our rehab strategy, here at our alcohol treatment center in Studio City.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – EMDR is a revolutionary therapy providing support for those suffering from emotional traumas. Many people cope with their emotional traumas through substance abuse, which will only make things worse. The EMDR uses specific procedures to alleviate the suffering and promote things like acceptance, forgiveness, and healing.

Eco-Therapy – When it comes to emotional and spiritual healing, nature is our best ally. We share an innate inclination towards communicating with nature through our feelings, while our spirit draws its strength and joy from this communion. The purpose of our eco-therapy is to bring you back to the roots. Through meditation and introspection, you will reconnect with your inner self and regain your spiritual balance and freedom.

Social support and relapse prevention

To prevent the relapse long-term, you need to adopt a variety of lifestyle changes, including:

  • Nutritional intake
  • Family relationships
  • Job and financial status
  • Hobbies
  • Fitness and workout routine
  • Social life, etc.

At our alcohol treatment center in Studio City, we have all the resources we need to walk you through a successful recovery process. Our team consists of clinicians, experienced therapists, a master chef to prepare nutritious meals, and health workers to assist in fitness, meditation, and holistic healing.

The Giving Tree is a place of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. Join our growing family and rediscover your true meaning in life!

Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City
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Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City Alcohol Treatment Center Studio City


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