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drug rehab Arizona

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug addiction, contact Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, one of the best drug rehab in Arizona. Although it can be difficult to ask for help, doing so is a badge of honor and not a badge of shame. A thousand mile journey starts with the first step, and the first step in your proverbial thousand-mile journey of recovery begins with getting into rehab to get clean. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center (AARC) is here to help. Give us a call today, and let us help you get your life back on track.

Why Do So Many Rehabs Fail?

Most rehab facilities are well-intended and genuinely want to help addicts recover. Yet, the relapse rate for rehabs is astronomical. Of course, it's not all the fault of the rehabilitation centers for patient relapse, but many do play a more substantial part in relapse than they may care to realize. Most modern drug rehabs in Arizona use outdated treatment methods, and they often fail to treat the underlying causes of addiction.

Until the addiction treatment community gets to the root causes of addiction, treatment will continue to be largely ineffective. When evaluating addiction without considering the underlying causes, or when applying broad strokes to the reasons for addiction, it's like seeing someone covered in blood and saying, "Oh, this person is bleeding. They're bleeding because they have a wound." Right. They have a wound. But the nature of that wound is significant to not only stopping the bleeding but also helping the person heal. Is the person bleeding from a cut, a stab wound, a gunshot wound or something else? Similarly, figuring out why an addict is using is just as important to administering the best treatment solution.

Customized Addiction Services at AARC

At Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we customize our addiction treatment services to fit the specific needs of each patient who comes through our doors. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to patient treatment, we focus on one-on-one recovery. Of course, we have standard groups and meetings that you may expect to find at any drug rehab in Arizona, but we emphasize getting to know each patient on an individual basis. We consider such factors as age, background, personality, culture, and gender when formulating an addiction treatment plan. Why? Not everybody abuses substances for the same reasons, and not everybody responds to the same treatments the same.

For example, men and women generally have entirely different reasons for abusing drugs and alcohol, and both genders have different needs in rehab. In addition to these demographical, genetical, and cultural differences, AARC has found that different kinds of drugs create different effects on the people who use them. Therefore, the way you treat marijuana addiction is not always the same as you might treat heroin addiction. Although some elements of therapy are the same, there are some areas where treatment needs to be tailored.

drug rehab Arizona
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drug rehab Arizona
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drug rehab Arizona drug rehab Arizona drug rehab Arizona drug rehab Arizona


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