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drug rehab phoenix Az

There are three reasons why drug abuse is one of the most widespread and dangerous epidemics in the world today: the addictive behavior sets off fast, it affects the patient’s life on multiple levels, and it is a tough one to correct. The experts at the Arizona Addiction Recovery Center have developed rehabilitation programs that focus on understanding and dismantling these three factors by using a series of innovative treatments.

Drug rehab in Phoenix Az means innovation above everything else, precisely because the classic methods of fighting addiction have primarily proven insufficient and, sometimes, even ineffective. And “ineffective” is not the word you want to associate with the drug addiction treatments, especially when you have 27 million Americans abusing illicit drugs every year.

For this reason, our rehab program has been constructed based on the three factors mentioned above.

1. The addictive behavior gets triggered fast

It is a natural outcome of abusing hard narcotics like crack cocaine, stimulants like heroin, along with meth, fentanyl analogs and other substances. The effects on the brain can not only be devastating, but extremely rapid as well. Cocaine has a high risk of inflicting the addictive behavior with the first ever dose, but, for the most part, addiction builds off gradually, over a relatively short period. By flooding the reward center in our brain with dopamine, opioids will teach our nervous system to inflict the mechanism of addiction, making sure the patient will keep seeking to replicate the experience. In many cases, addiction gets triggered over several sessions, without the patient even realizing it.

2. Addiction affects the individual on all aspects of his life

This is where drug rehab in Phoenix Az starts showing its ugly face when it begins altering the very foundation of the person - his very humanity. What it leaves behind will be a shadow of the former human; one devoid of everything beautiful and positive. Drug addicts will become apathetic, and paranoiacs will display significant behavioral changes, affecting their professional life, their families and their social functioning at the same time. For this reason, they will be justly considered debilitated and treated as such.

3.  Addiction is tough to repel

This is partly due to the physical effects, particularly those instilled by the withdrawal mechanism, and the psychological effects, which are even harder to fight. For this reason, the most advanced rehab programs in Phoenix, Arizona, consider fighting the disease requires robust relapse prevention mechanisms put in place. According to the data, over 85% of the addicts will relapse after completing the treatment, at one point or another. Teaching the patient how to develop coping mechanisms, meant to regulate his cravings, both in the near future and in the long run, represents the key to success.

At the Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we consider substance addiction to be a highly debilitating condition, and every program of drug rehab in Phoenix Az will target not only the symptoms but the underlying causes triggering the disease, as well. Our goal is to assist people in shedding their chains and become free, healthy, and happy again.

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drug rehab phoenix Az
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drug rehab phoenix Az drug rehab phoenix Az drug rehab phoenix Az drug rehab phoenix Az


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