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inpatient rehab Arizona

Get the help you need to live a drug and alcohol-free life at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center. If you're looking for inpatient rehab in Arizona, you should choose one that has a high success rate in helping its clients get sober and stay sober. Because of our unique program and individualized addiction treatment care, we can attain above-average long-term client sobriety results. Give yourself the best chance to recover and come to the place that is known for helping people break free from addiction and alcoholism - AARC.

Who's to Blame for High Relapse Rates?

What's your idea of a good inpatient rehab in Arizona? One with lots of people in it? A high-end upscale rehab? How about a rehab that exclusively treats one kind of addiction? Many of our clients have been to numerous rehabs before coming to AARC. They continue to relapse over and over. Of course, not every relapse can be blamed on the rehab that treated the relapsed person, but at some point, we have to ask, "What is going on that only 23% of all rehab clients are staying clean more than two years?"

Although not all of the blame can reasonably be placed on the failed addiction treatment centers, a good portion of it can. Sadly, most of the rehabs in Arizona are still using outdated addiction treatment models. They fail to take into account modern scientific discoveries regarding the nature of addiction, underlying disorders, and proven treatment therapies. Unfortunately, many addiction treatment facilities exist to make a profit. Yes, they are businesses and nothing more. That is why many rehabs provide poor treatment services.

Get the Tools, Resources, and Knowledge You Need to Stay Clean at AARC

Taking your time to select the right rehab is the key to maximizing your chance of staying sober. AARC has a basketball court, a pool, a tennis court, and a beautiful residential inpatient facility. You can enjoy horse riding, wall climbing, rope climbing, and learn to live your life and have fun without turning to a substance. Learning to live life on life's terms is the key to long-term recovery. At our residential inpatient facility, you'll gain the connections and resources you need to stay clean in any situation.

Inpatient rehab requires tremendous commitment, but anything in life that is worth having is worth working hard for. Look at your inpatient time as an investment in your future and into your family's future. Since you can only get out of an investment what you put into it, ask yourself how much you're willing to invest in your recovery.  What's it worth to you? Are you willing to pay the price?

Experience the Difference of AARC

If you want to get clean at the top inpatient rehab in Arizona, contact Arizona Addiction Recovery Center today. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a luxurious and private rehab and giving them the best treatment available today.

inpatient rehab Arizona
Arizona Addiction Recovery Center
inpatient rehab Arizona
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inpatient rehab Arizona inpatient rehab Arizona inpatient rehab Arizona inpatient rehab Arizona


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