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Programs for Young Adults (18 to 35) and for Older Adults (35 and up)

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Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

An acclaimed addiction treatment center in Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ with recovery programs for young adults (18-35) and for older adults (35 & up)

“Setting the Stage for a Life Worth Living!”


Effective Treatment & Detox


AARC in Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ provides full scope addiction treatment, from intervention to medical detox to residential/inpatient drug rehab and much more!

A Program for Ages 18 to 35


Rehab Treatment in Arizona

A special drug rehab program designed for young adults that focuses on building your life, career, family and healthy living skills while in active recovery from addiction

A Program for Ages 35 & Up


affordable health insurance drug treatment center in Phoenix Arizona

For more mature adults, generally ages 35 and up, AARC provides specialty addiction, detox & mental health treatment that focuses on the needs inherent to this demographic.

Another life changed, another family back together, and another success story…

He arrived here like so many, broken and hopeless! And as many others had experienced just the same, there was a magic that set in soon after arriving. Click the video above and listen as he describes his story…

Opiate Addiction Treatment Illinois

Opiate Addiction Treatment Illinois

How to Find Quality Opiate Addiction Treatment in Illinois:

Be cautious before deciding on a facility that offers opiate addiction treatment. The extensive variety of treatment choices at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center guarantees they offer the correct treatment for your needs. There is no single strategy for treating addiction; in fact recovery centers report that treatment should be unique to each patient. Some may come in to a facility looking for treatment for despondency or anxiety that is co-happening with addiction, while others require detox or intensive residential treatment. Having the capacity to give a precise diagnosis to each patient that prompts the correct treatment approach is the thing that makes AARC one of the main offices in the district.

There’s a lot to think about before settling on a facility for opiate addiction treatment in Illinois. If opiate addiction is accompanied by chronic relapse, long-term or extended residential care should be a high priority. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is pleased to offer numerous programs and treatment options to patients dealing with opiate addiction, starting with providing a safe and comfortable place to detox from opiates. If you’re currently researching local rehab clinics trying to ascertain which one will best meet your needs, we invite you to take a look at what AARC has to offer. Simply click the ‘Treatment Services’ link and select programs from the menu to read more about each type of treatment.

The staff at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is dedicated to helping each patient achieve long-term, quality recovery. That means new methods and skills will need to be adopted in order to avoid the temptations and behaviors that can too often lead to relapse. AARC has seen that very often 30 day residential treatment is not enough to prepare their patients for life outside of the facility. At the point when longer private treatment is required, AARC can give up to a half year of extended care in programs that are situated all through various zones in Phoenix and Scottsdale. For your best chances at preventing relapse, we highly recommend AARC as your long-term inpatient facility for opiate addiction treatment in Illinois.

Extended residential care means that you or a friend or family member can encounter the advantages of additional time spent in concentrated recuperation, so that any existing mental health issues that accompany addiction can be diagnosed and properly addressed prior to integration into life outside of the clinic. You can read more about the distinct advantages of long-term inpatient care at AARC when you check out the facility’s resources online or call AARC at 888-512-1705.

Verify your insurance with admissions over the website or when you call to discuss treatment with their staff. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is pleased to accept all private PPO medical insurance plans and offers one of the lowest cost private pay plans in the state. Get connected with AARC now for professional opiate addiction treatment in Illinois.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Illinois
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