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Is for Rehab in Arizona Right for Your Teen?

Let's face it. Teenagers can be a confounding species. There are some teens, however, whose behavior may not be signs of normal hormonal and emotional changes but are instead symptoms of illicit drug abuse. If that's what is going on with your adolescent, rehab in Arizona might be just the thing to improve the health of your child and boost family morale, as well.

How to spot signs of drug abuse in Arizona teens

Kids who have become enamored of certain drugs tend to show similar signs. When you teen comes home after an evening of socializing with friends, use your nose to detect the tell-tale aroma of marijuana or alcohol. If your teen's been smoking or drinking, they may try to mask the smell, but you'll probably still be able to suss it out.

Look your teenager in the eyes, especially when they first get home. Pay attention to what their eyes are telling you. Do they look you squarely in the eye, or is their attention diverted? If you teenager has been drinking alcohol or smoking weed, their eyes may be reddened and their eyelids may appear heavy. Their pupils may be constricted, especially if they have been dabbling with opiates such as OxyContin.

Kids who have been drinking may find it difficult to focus long enough to answer a question. Additionally, they may show a flushed color on their face and cheeks. If your troubled teen shows any of these signs, it's probably a very good time to call us to talk about rehab in Arizona.

Mood changes

Mood changes are other signs of drug abuse to watch for. Is your formerly shy teen suddenly extroverted and obnoxious? Is your usually outgoing adolescent now behaving sullen and withdrawn? There may be other reasons than drug abuse for these changes, of course, but it's certainly worth looking into if you think that your teen might be abusing and misusing prescription drugs, street drugs or another type of intoxicant.

Deception and secretive behavior may indicate that your teenager is dabbling in drugs. Is your once open teen now being vague about who they are hanging out with and where they are going? If your teen tells you that they are going to see a movie with friends, ask them to describe the films when they get home. If your adolescent tells you they are going to party at a friend house where adults will be in attendance, give that friend's parents a call to verify whether or not they are actually going to chaperon the social event. If your teen won't tell you the parents' names or phone number, tell them they cannot go to the party. Then give us a call so we can have a calm discussion about rehab in Arizona options.

Ten signs of drug abuse in teenagers

    Poor school attendance Failure to perform academically Defiance and hostility A change in friends and social circles Decreased interest in former hobbies Isolation from friends and family members Lack of eye contact Complaints from teachers Loss of friends who were once close Unexplained disappearances

If your kid show signs of drug misuse, take heart. Give us a call right now, so we can talk about drug rehab in Arizona.




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