Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az

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Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az

Mental illness can be traumatic and extremely painful for close family and friends. Living and looking after a loved one with a mental health disorder can be quite stressful. Hence, coping with such stresses may cause certain reactions such as emotional distress, behavioral troubles, and somatic problems. In many cases, it strains relationships. The situation becomes even worse when it’s combined with substance abuse.

Having a mental health illness can make someone more prone to drug or alcohol abuse to alleviate their symptoms in the short-term. Other individuals have a substance abuse problem that may trigger symptoms of mental illness.

The Arizona Addiction Center provides treatment options that allow patients to regain both physical and mental control of their lives. Our rehab centers in Phoenix, Az, and treatment locations in Scottsdale and Mesa are well equipped and staffed with the best in the field to provide ideal care and treatment to patients.

What Should You Do When Your Loved One Has A Mental Health Illness?

If you suspect that a loved one has a mental health disorder, you can approach them by expressing concern, and encouraging them to open up to you without being judgmental or condescending. Reassure them that you care about their well-being and encourage them to seek professional help.

How Can You Help Someone Deal with A Mental Health Disorder?

People with a mental health illness have a hard time getting used to their condition, and may frequently be filled with feelings of isolation. You can help your loved one to cope with their mental health disorder by:

  • Respecting them and allowing them to have control in their lives, as long as it does not affect their treatment program. Individuals with a mental health disorder usually have low self-esteem and lose confidence. Criticizing or showing them that they’re incapable of controlling their lives will only exacerbate their symptoms.
  • Provide support that enables them to seek treatment — for instance, helping them to look after their children, or providing transport to rehab.
  • Let them know that they should feel free to express any concerns about their medications, especially when it comes to the side effects. Most patients fear that they may not be taken seriously due to their mental condition. However, encouraging them to speak up helps them to feel more in control of their recovery.

Types of Mental Illness Treatments Offered at Rehab Centers

The kind of care given at rehab centers depends on the nature of the illness, physical health condition, and the prescribed treatment. Types of treatment programs include:

  • Inpatient – This takes place within 30 days, where the patient is hospitalized for monitoring by psychiatric health professionals. Inpatient programs are meant for severely ill individuals.
  • Residential – It’s meant for patients with chronic disorders such as schizophrenia that require long-term care.
  • Outpatient – In an outpatient program, patients have appointments for office visits while taking medication and attending individual and group therapies.

Get the Help You Need

At Arizona Addiction Center, we understand the role played by families and friends in a patient’s recovery. That’s why we have intervention and guidance services that can help you get your loved one the help they deserve. We are one of the best rehab centers in Phoenix, AZ, and you can turn to us, especially when someone close to you is reluctant to seek treatment. Reach out to us through 888.512.1705 for more information about how you can take an active role in the recovery process of your loved one.

Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az
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Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az
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Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az Rehab Centers In Phoenix Az


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