Rehab Facilities In Scottsdale

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Rehab Facilities In Scottsdale

When recovering from substance abuse, it’s important to keep in mind that rehab is only the first step towards recovery. You must make a conscious decision and effort to refrain from anything that might trigger your substance abuse from that moment onwards. At Arizona Addiction Center, we have programs designed to help patients make sobriety a normal part of their lives once again. Our rehab facilities in Scottsdale have sober living and housing available for patients seeking to build strong sobriety foundations.

How Do You Stay Sober After Rehab?

Once you’re done with treatment, here are ways you to help you remain drug or alcohol-free:

  • Surround yourself with friends and family who truly care and support your recovery. At the same time, distance yourself from individuals who may have contributed to your addiction.
  • Adopt healthy habits. To avoid reverting to old habits, you have to create new, healthy ones in their place. Consciously try to eat and drink healthier, practice meditation, and exercise regularly. That will lead to a healthier mind and body, both of which are crucial after addiction treatment.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When in Recovery

Mistakes that might lead to relapse include:

  • Getting Complacent – After several months of being sober, most patients may feel that they have completely recovered. They may begin missing meetings and counseling sessions. Full recovery can take at least five years, and beginning to make yourself vulnerable after a few months may cause a relapse.
  • Becoming Impatient – Many people leave rehab with expectations of improving their lives. When healing takes longer than they expected, or life doesn’t get back to how it was, they may become frustrated and give up. It’s important to understand that recovery isn’t always a smooth process. At the same time, remember that if you keep up with your efforts towards sobriety, you’ll eventually see satisfactory results.

How Can You Repair Relationships Damaged by Addiction?

Rebuilding relationships that deteriorated as a result of substance abuse is an essential step in healing from addiction. Here are ways in which you can mend them:

  • Apologize and Ask for Forgiveness – There’s a huge possibility that you made a lot of mistakes and hurt many people when you were abusing alcohol or drugs. Let them know that you have sought treatment, and apologize for any hurt you may have caused them. Also, listen to them and learn how you may have affected them and make an effort to change.
  • Attend Your Meetings – Your loved ones will be more inclined to relate with you when you make an effort to get better. Going for counseling and group therapies will let them know that you are committed to rebuilding the life and relationships you had before you became addicted.

Get Equipped to Lead a Better Life

At our rehab facilities in Scottsdale, we acknowledge the fact that each person’s journey to recovery is different. As such, we tailor each program to serve your particular needs to increase your chances of recovering fully. If you have just completed your treatment program, contact us today on 888.512.1705 for further guidance that will help you transition into a substance-free life.

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Rehab Facilities In Scottsdale Rehab Facilities In Scottsdale Rehab Facilities In Scottsdale Rehab Facilities In Scottsdale


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