Art Therapy During Rehabilitation Treatment

art therapy

Drug addiction recovery is a complicated process. Treatment that involves several different therapies can benefit patients in many ways. The ultimate purpose of the process is to ensure optimal recovery and long-term sobriety. Because each person’s experience is different, providing our patients with a great variety of treatment options has been extremely efficient. Our professionals at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center aim to provide our residents with several opportunities to let out their emotional buildups, and express their thoughts through different means.

The purpose of each therapy is to encourage addicts to develop a strong mechanism to combat triggers and negative emotions throughout the recovery process. The pain and struggle that is accompanied with drug addiction can be overwhelming. The subsequent treatment can be very tolling on the mind and on the body as well. In such a circumstance, using creative techniques to combat drug addiction can be very relaxing. This makes art therapy one of the most acclaimed addiction treatment methods.

What is Art Therapy?

art therapy for addiction recoveryArt therapy is a form of experiential therapy which is designed to address the emotional needs of individuals through creative activities. It is not mandatory that you possess artistic skills and talent, or have a history of art. If you are open to new experiences, you can easily integrate art therapy as a part of your treatment program. Art therapy can be highly relaxing and enjoyable, allowing you to alleviate the stress that accompanies the drug recovery process.

The American Art Therapy Association describes art therapy as a method of expression that helps an individual resolve a number of problems. This includes resolving emotional conflicts, promoting self-esteem, encouraging self-awareness, and uplifting social skills.

The Aim of Art Therapy

Art therapy is a complementary technique that has been integrated into the drug addiction recovery process only recently. The primary purpose of this therapy is to encourage healthy functioning of patients on several levels. It is useful in improving your social, emotional and mental functioning, offering a simple yet effective outlet to express inner thoughts and challenges.

There are certain factors that play a very strong role in driving you towards detrimental habits such as drug and alcohol addiction. These factors may be childhood trauma, the memory of a loved one who has passed, a failed relationship, or a professional loss such as being fired or demoted.

Art therapy can play a rather positive role in exploring yourself and visualizing your thoughts. It can easily become an effective coping strategy that helps you deal with the challenges incurred during recovery. Here are some benefits that art therapy offers during the recovery process:

1. Visual Communication

Rehab is a stressful journey, and the initial stages of your stay can be extremely difficult. The treatment experience is truly life changing, in all senses. With that being said, the success rate of your recovery journey is largely dependent on the start that you make. If you are successful in getting past the first few stages, it is likely you will be able to go through the rest of the process smoothly.

The biggest challenge that residents often face is communicating with others at the facility, including both peers and staff. It may be due to rehab being a new place and experience, or it could be a matter of low self-esteem, which we see in a lot of addiction patients.

Art therapy provides you with a non-verbal method of communication. You may not be comfortable with sharing personal details right away, and art therapy can give you the voice you need.

2. Rediscover Yourself

Using art therapy as a means to get through the difficult experiences of overcoming addiction can turn into an effective method of self discovery. When you have a long history of substance addiction in your past, it is likely that you have lost a lot of what constitutes your actual self in the process.

Drugs and alcohol paired with compulsive behaviors have the ability to fog up your mind and lead you towards forgetting everything other than the substance itself. When you are on the road towards a new life, art therapy can be the tool that helps you re-exploring your self-worth.

3. A Positive Role in Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is the ultimate goal of a drug rehab program. Your sobriety is largely dependent on how well you are able to resist triggers on daily basis and make it through challenging situations. Art therapy offers a creative way of expression that can help you resist triggers effectively and maintain sobriety. If you feel an impulse coming on, use art to prevent that trigger from making you relapse. Pull out a piece of paper, and express your feelings in that moment through art.

4. Heals You Emotionally

Art therapy may seem like a mindless activity that involves paints, sketching and sculpting. What most people fail to understand is that art involves so much more that just the creative aspect. There are exercises in art that help you address your emotional needs. Affirmation cards, for instance, can serve as a positive reinforcement in your recovery process.

Utilized as a tool of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, affirmation cards can help you replace your negative emotions with the positive ones. It can be a good emotional exercise that helps you step out of a negative mindset.

Learn More on Art Therapy

Your experiences, feelings, and emotions can be effectively channeled through art therapy. Art creates a safe place where you can communicate your feelings without being forced to vocalize them out loud. Art therapy can serve as a refreshing outlet for patients during the hardships of rehab, especially when they aren’t ready to share their feelings and emotions aloud with a group.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center offers art therapy in our integrated drug addiction program. We believe in providing our clients with all possible opportunities and techniques to make a complete and long-term recovery. Alongside several other treatments, the implementation of art therapy has proven to be a successful outlet for many of our patients.

Staffed with trained professionals, you can visit one of our Arizona Addiction Recovery Center facilities or contact us to learn more about how we can help you battle against your drug addiction. Our assistance is available 24/7, reach out at whichever time you feel the need and let’s get you started on your path toward sobriety.