Battle Your PTSD in a Productive Way

PTSD & Substance Abuse

There are many people who come home after a stint in the military only to face a far different battle than they were used to seeing on the field. Battling PTSD can be very difficult for someone to do on their own and getting help for the condition is the only way to safely treat it. Traumas causing PTSD can lead to substance abuse and severe addiction for those trying to cover up the memories of these experiences with drugs. The guide that follows walks you through a few things that you can to do ensure that you handle your PTSD as well as you possibly can.

Seek Professional Help for the Condition

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder needs to be treated by a professional psychiatrist. You need to be able to talk about the way that you are feeling in a safe, judgment-free environment. Being able to talk about the way that you feel can help you to be more comfortable with it and help you to realize that there is nothing wrong with the way that you feel. It is something that is uncontrollable based on the things that you saw or experienced when you were in the military. The psychiatrist can prescribe you medications that can make battling the condition even easier for you. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center offers trauma therapy that assists patients in healing from all types of PTSD: military, sexual assault, domestic violence, and emotional abuse.

Don’t Try to Self-Medicate

Healthy PTSD TreatmentA huge mistake that many veterans make is to try to self-medicate to treat their PTSD. This can be difficult to do because some drugs cause hallucinations to happen and can easily lead to addiction. If you become addicted to drugs because you tried to self-medicate, you need to get help for your addiction right away before it takes over your life. There are inpatient and outpatient treatment programs available at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center that can help you overcome the addiction in a safe way.

Meet with Other Veterans

Returning to the civilian sector is often very difficult for many veterans because they are suddenly surrounded by people who have never experienced the things that they had to experience when they were in the military. There are always local veterans groups in every area and meeting with other veterans on a regular basis can help you to feel more comfortable with your PTSD symptoms and understand that you aren’t alone in your battle. PTSD is common for many veterans and sharing common experiences can help to minimize the PTSD symptoms that you experience and help you to learn different ways to handle them in a productive way.

Educate Your Community

Another way that you can treat your PTSD is to educate the community. You can teach civilians about the things that you feel and experience to help them learn how to better handle situations when they arise with veterans. Many people do not know anything about PTSD and thus don’t know what things they can do to show respect for those that suffer from it. Talk to them about not shooting fireworks off or hunting in an area without letting veterans nearby know, as these sounds are similar to shots heard on the battlefield and can trigger a response in those with PTSD.

Having PTSD is nothing to be ashamed of having. If you allow yourself to feel shameful or self-conscious about your condition, you will not be able to get the proper care that you need. You gave a lot of yourself to the country and need to do everything that you can to take care of yourself to ensure that you can have the future that you deserve to have. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center can help with PTSD and any resulting addictions or disorders that stemmed as a result. Call us today for more information on how our programs may be beneficial to you.