Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Everyone has a different form of therapy that works for them, but have you ever heard of infrared saunas? It’s a somewhat new health trend that people are talking about, even doctors and other health professionals are vouching for its benefits! If you don’t already know what these saunas are, they are heated rooms where people sit and sweat. Yes, that’s about all you do in them. So you may be asking yourself, what’s so great about sitting in a room and sweating? Though sitting and sweating does not sound too appealing, once you hear about the incredible health benefits you’ll be hopping on the infrared sauna train with us!

What is Infrared? 

Now that you know what a sauna is, it’s time to discuss infrared saunas more specifically. Most saunas are heated by steam or hot coals, but these saunas are heated up through infrared lights and infrared radiation. The word radiation may be alarming, but rest assured this form of radiation is not harmful. You can find infrared radiation in most objects in the universe, most notably the sun. The sun does emit harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause serious health issues if exposed too often, but the infrared rays are not quite so bad. We feel this type of radiation in the form of heat and it can be extremely beneficial to our health! 

Infrared Light Health Benefits

Though the word radiation may immediately put you on edge, rest assured infrared radiation is not harmful like UV is. Infrared light penetrates the body, heats it up, and increases the flow of blood through a person’s veins. When your blood vessels are opened up, blood flow increases throughout the body and blood pressure decreases; this process is called “vasodilation”. Blood flow is something we often overlook, but it is vital when it comes to healing the body. Increased blood flow can have a variety of benefits and we’re here to discuss them. 

Increased Blood Flow Results

As we’ve mentioned, increased blood flow and decreased blood pressure can aid in some very important things:

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Helps with Detox
  • Helps fight depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc.
  • Pain Relief

Boosts Immune System

Every day, we are exposed to bacteria wherever we go. There are things all around us that threaten our immune system. The great thing about infrared saunas is that they help fight against these things that threaten our immune systems. By increasing blood flow through heat, the body is able to heal faster which means it can fight harder against viruses or any other bacteria that threaten our health.

Helps with Detox

For people trying to rid their bodies of harmful chemicals/substances, the process of detoxing can be much easier when your body sweats out all those toxins. We are exposed to unnecessary toxins every day, whether it’s in our food or in our air, our bodies are exposed constantly. In an infrared sauna, you can sweat out all those chemicals and substances that do not belong in your body. This can be especially beneficial for those who want to detox from substances such as alcohol or drugs. These can be some of the most difficult substances to rid your body of because of withdrawal, but infrared can help make that process a little bit more comfortable for the former addict. 

Helps fight depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc.

Depression, anxiety, and fatigue are some things that a lot of people in the world deal with every day. Depression and anxiety have become huge issues in this country, leading to people needing prescribed medicines to help cope with these issues. Therapy also helps fight against these mental health problems, and infrared saunas can act as a form of therapy. When you are in a sauna, the heat helps you not only sweat out toxins, but it can help a person relax and reach a zen-like state. This can help fight off those anxious thoughts. It also helps release more dopamine in the brain which is the hormone that is directly related to happiness. Infrared saunas can also make a person feel rejuvenated and more alive, fighting against general fatigue. A therapy like infrared sauna therapy could be the perfect way to help a person fight against depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

Pain relief

From everyday aches to chronic pain, infrared saunas can aid in pain relief. For anyone dealing with cramps, muscle/joint pain, inflammation, or chronic pain, infrared saunas can help in general pain relief. Through the opening of blood vessels, these pains/inflammations are able to be healed quicker. When a person has increased blood flow and flow is not restricted, blood can travel to points of pain and help fight against them. More blood through the body means more pain relief.

As you can see, infrared saunas have some truly amazing health benefits. For those who are looking for a form of therapy that can be both physically and mentally beneficial, infrared saunas may be for you! Much of this information was provided by our friends at Perspire Sauna Studio, so check out their website for more information and a helpful FAQ. (If you are located in California near Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Laguna Niguel, or Newport Beach, or if you’re in Atlanta, GA or Austin, TX, swing on by Perspire Sauna Studio for a great deal on your first session!)