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Creating “Life Success” Within the Scope of Treatment


substance abuse treatment for young adults in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZArizona has become among the nation’s truly respected regions within the scope of residential treatment. From substance abuse to co-occurring disorders and even process addictions, cities like Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ are, without question, leading destinations when it comes to matters of behavioral health treatment.

Unfortunately, one dominant area which consistently sees higher rates of relapse is within the 20’s to 40’s segment. These young adults, often times, are ill-prepared to resume life in a capacity that involves integration of their new found recovery within the natural progression of young and middle adult lifestyles. They enter a residential treatment center and stay for a month or two, only to find themselves thrown back into the rigors of society with the inability to successfully navigate the waters while simultaneously moving forward in their recovery.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is founded on the principle that recovery, in and of itself, must entail a more comprehensive approach for this group. As such, both our Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ locations are designed to integrate a number of added components into the inpatient and outpatient treatment regimens. This includes such things as:

  • Life coaching and guidance
  • Sobriety integration and management
  • Career and education development
  • Integrative relapse prevention
  • Family and relationship management
  • Aftercare support and recovery coaching
  • And more…



Active Participation in Addiction Recovery


Many young adults find themselves in drug rehab against their wishes, or at least without the internal belief that their problems are as serious as they truly are. A successful course of treatment must include some element of surrender on the part of the patient, and much of the AARC approach to drug rehab has to do with empowering the individual. Essentially, we go outside the box of typical treatment and create an environment that makes recovery more inviting, thereby further encouraging the surrender process.

While a number of treatment centers here in Arizona (and elsewhere around the nation) will utilize harsher, behavioral modification approaches for this demographic, we do not subscribe to this process. There is no question that rules and structure are very important in early recovery, but so are positive, empowerment based approaches. The goal here is to create a fertile ground for high-quality, long-term sobriety, and that is exactly what we are all about here at AARC!


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