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Hemp For Addiction Recovery

Hemp For Addiction Recovery

Because addiction is such a complex thing to recover from, people have started to discover a variety of ways to help someone recover from it. Addiction is by no means an easy thing to get over; it takes a lot of mental and physical training to actually kick substance...

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Sources of Different Drugs

Sources of Different Drugs

Where did drugs come from? The answer is both simple, and complex. Clearly, early man realized that certain compounds produced feelings of ecstacy, and bolstered energy. In fact, humans were never the only beings that sought out the opportunity for a little...

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1-888-No-To-Drugs (or 1-888-668-6378) is a hotline for The Foundation for a Drug-Free World. The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that empowers youth and adults with a database full of facts and information about drugs and...

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Codependency and Addiction

Codependency and Addiction

Let’s say there is a married couple, Lucy and Tom. Lucy suffers from a substance abuse disorder such as alcoholism. Lucy’s alcohol addiction quickly encompasses everything about Tom’s life, to the point where he starts neglecting his own mental health and wellbeing....

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Opioids in American History

The worldwide opioid epidemic isn’t the fault of any single individual, nor could it have been stopped. This is a clear case of history repeating, but with a slight variation. While information concerning the numbers of those who died of drug overdoses in the past is...

Journaling During Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a tough thing to fight and people have different ways of battling against it. What may work for one person as a coping mechanism, may not work for someone else. Some people will choose group therapy, music therapy, art therapy, etc. There are plenty of...

Substance Abuse Among Cancer Patients

There are pain medications for pretty much any kind of pain, ranging from minor to severe. However, chronic pain isn’t an easy thing to deal with. Often times, it can be unbearable so doctors prescribe stronger medications to help a person deal with the pain. These...

Family Therapy During Addiction Recovery

Addiction is something that can affect everyone, not just someone suffering from it. Yes, addiction is toughest on the addict themselves, but this doesn’t mean that other people aren’t affected too. It’s a disease that can affect the entire family. The National...

Profile of the Leaders of the War on Addiction

From the testimony of Barry McCaffrey, a Clinton-era Drug Czar, one would think that the Netherlands is ground zero for the war on drug addiction on the planet. The official’s scathing 1998 review of his visit to the country was riddled with condescension and...

Side Effects Of Meth Use

In the United States of America alone, there are over 21 million people (12 or older) that suffer from substance abuse; that makes up 10% of Americans. Worldwide, there are over 247 million who suffer from the same issue. This can range from alcohol addiction all the...

Meditation During Addiction Recovery

In 2011, there were over 20 million people who suffered from addiction. Of those 20 million, only 3 million people received proper treatment to overcome their addictive behaviors, that’s 15%. There is no doubt that that number has increased or at least stayed the...

Vitamin D and It’s Effects on Mental Health

Did you know that depression is an issue that over 18 million Americans deal with every year? That’s 1 out of every 10 people; that number is extremely high. According to statistics, this disorder takes more lives every year than homicide (41,000 annual deaths to...

Drug Addiction in the Medical Field

It’s no secret that having a job in the health profession is a highly stressful experience. Stress in medical practice has always been well-discussed and thoroughly researched. The medical profession, whether you’re a nurse, a physician’s assistant, a doctor, or any...

How Negative Attitudes Trigger Relapse

Looking for a breath of fresh air in your life? Yeah… I know, who isn’t? Even if you’ve perched yourself atop a mountain to feel gentle, clean, cool breezes it doesn’t mean that the toxicity of everyday life is gone. That’s because many of the harmful elements we...

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