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Prenatal Cocaine Exposure

Prenatal Cocaine Exposure

When a woman is in active addiction during her pregnancy, the drugs can significantly affect the baby. A mother’s health helps to mold that of her baby’s. These drugs reach the baby by traveling through the mother’s placenta. This exposure can lead to lifelong...

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Why Drugs Aren’t ‘Cool’

Why Drugs Aren’t ‘Cool’

Millions of people every day suffer from drug abuse and addiction, making this a worldwide epidemic. Substance use and abuse can lead to addiction, overdose, and even death. Someone who is abusing drugs will experience negative social, mental, and physical effects. If...

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What to do if You Think Your Teen is on Drugs

What to do if You Think Your Teen is on Drugs

Suspecting your teen is on drugs could be a scary time. It is also a time where you might have a few questions and not know what to do next. Before you approach your teen, there are a few things you should do. If your teen is in fact addicted to drugs, they will not...

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Alcohol Consumption & Binge Drinking

Alcohol affects millions of lives every day. Even a minimal amount of alcohol can have life altering consequences. Those who drink excessively in one sitting are known as binge drinkers. This act of heavy drinking can have disastrous effects on a person’s life,...

Ecstasy Affects Your Brain During and After Use

Ecstasy is often viewed as a feel-good drug that can be fun to take occasionally in group settings. People often take ecstasy at festivals and raves. Ecstasy comes in pill form often and can be a variety of shapes and colors. Many people have no idea how much MDMA is...

The Benefits of Support Groups

Often, those who are struggling with addiction can feel isolated and misunderstood. It is an important step to recovery that someone who is suffering from this chronic disease receives the support they need and deserve. Support groups, especially as part of a...

Is Your Spouse Facing Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic mental and medical illness that affects the brain and it has adversely impacted millions of people across the United States. Substance abuse and addiction can cause not only physical harm but also emotional and behavioral problems. People...

Addiction and Suicide Prevention

Addiction is a chronic mental illness that is characterized by continual misuse of substances. It is considered a substance use disorder that impacts the brain long-term in damaging ways. A leading cause of death in the United States, suicide is also a major health...

You Don’t Have to Prove Your Worth to Get Medical Attention

Devastating millions of lives of people across the United States, addiction is the most severe relapsing form of substance use disorders. The changed behavioral symptoms generally associated with addiction can result in overdose, physical and mental health issues, and...

What Are the Treatment Options for Someone Suffering from Addiction?

Drug and alcohol abuse through self-medicating is one of the leading causes of addiction, and it is likely to produce life-threatening symptoms. Addiction is indicated by continued drug-seeking and misuse of substances, consequently affecting the brain in long-term...

Drug Use Among Athletes

Athletic life can be stressful in many aspects. Athletes may decide to use drugs for many reasons caused by environmental, physical, and psychological stressors. These reasons generally consist of performance enhancement due to pressure to perform, coping mechanism...

What is Self-Medicating?

Not everyone seeks professional help when dealing with the symptoms of possible mental illness, and some people try to remediate their situation on their own. Self-medication is the use of medicines or other substances by individuals, who are often hiding and denying...

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