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We know all too well the critical nature of addiction treatment, along with the reality that there comes a point to where every minute counts. Whether it has to do with a current or recent relapse, overdose, legal matter or anything of the sort, having experienced & trained professionals to speak with can make all the difference in the world!

The staff at Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers is available for you 24/7. If the issue happens to involve a potentially life-threatening matter then we first advise you to call 911 and seek immediate care prior to calling AARC.

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The best way to reach AARC, day or night, is by contacting our primary rollover line at (888) 512-1705 which, will locate all designated staff specialists and connect you with the first one on the line. In rare cases, if lines are busy for instance, you may be redirected to a voice mail system. Be assured that your voice mail will trigger alerts on all staff phones and likewise, will connect you with the first available specialist…

We also provide a convenient and 100% confidential contact form along the bottom-right portion of this website. In most cases we will respond to such form submissions within 2 to 4 hours. For those wishing to verify their PPO health insurance prior to speaking with an intake/information specialist, please use our confidential form to Verify Your Medical Insurance.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers complies fully with all federal HIPAA privacy policies and any information submitted, discussed, shared, etc. will be kept 100% confidential!

AARC offers several locations throughout Arizona including; Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa. Each location has specified designations and services. For instance, while we do offer residential drug treatment for both men and women, we provide separate residential locations in order to provide a higher level of clinical services to each gender.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be here with you every step along the way…

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Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is here for you 24/7 by phone or email…call today and create the future you deserve: (888) 512-1705

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(888) 512-1705

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