Crime And Drug Use


It should be no surprise that there seems to be a strong relationship in between drug use and crimes committed. Drug use can be found in every part of United States, especially in high traffic areas like Arizona and the border. Drug addiction is indiscriminate of age or background, people of all walks of life are susceptible just the same. Over time, we’re able to correlate a rise in drug use with rising crime rates in those affected areas.

People who are addicted to drugs often find it very difficult to overcome their affliction without professional help. As a result they keep on consuming drugs, and with regular abuse of drugs influencing the brain, requiring more and more to keep getting high. Over time, the individual may find themselves unable to survive without feeding their addiction. In such a situation, they are tempted to do almost anything in order to get drugs. This can often be considered a jumping off point where committing crimes is seen as having less consequences than stopping their drug use.

A person with a drug addiction will have to spend a considerable amount of money to over time to attain a high with an ever rising tolerance. When a drug addict runs out of money, he or she would be tempted to go for escalating crime to feed their habit. Most statistics chart this escalation beginning with petty theft, and continuing on to more serious offenses such as robbery, kidnapping, or even violent crime.

When it comes to drug related crimes, drug trafficking should also be taken into account. In order to cater the demand for drugs, people or gangs buy and sell drugs and transport them into the country in bulk. This is usually seen more in border states, with Arizona being one of the highest. According to a 2011 report, law enforcement seized 119,000 pounds of marijuana, 3,300 pounds of cocaine, and 263 pounds of heroine. Keep in mind, this is only what was caught coming into the country, not what actually made it through, and specifically just Arizona.

There is some good news however. Crime in the most populated Arizona county (Maricopa), has been falling faster than the national average. With an increased focus on education regarding addiction and mental health, as well as professional treatment centers, more people than ever are able to get the help they need. Addiction does not have to define who you are, or guide your path and life choices. Now, more than any other time in history, is the best time to seek professional help in getting control back over your life.

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