How NAD IV Therapy Can Help Addiction

NAD is a co-enzyme that plays a major role in the metabolic processes in the different systems of our body like digestion, mental clarity, aging, cognition, our overall health as well as energy levels. It helps increase your body’s serotonin levels which is a regulator of our moods and basically improves the symptoms of anxiety and depression. For individuals who are undergoing therapy for addiction and substance abuse, NAD IV treatment can help in various ways. NAD IV therapy can reduce the withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings while providing energy for the body that helps to boost the regeneration of brain cells. But with all these benefits, how helpful is this treatment?

Who NEEDS an NAD IV Therapy?

There are many ways in which NAD can help but it is more helpful for people who are:

  • Recovering from addiction like alcohol and substance abuse
  • Individuals who want to extend their lifespan
  • Interested in restoring neurological function
  • Restoring muscle strength and function
  • Wants to boost their weight loss regimen
  • Wants to reduce fatigue and improve overall energy
  • Experiencing cognitive decline

How NAD Works

Many studies showed that NAD is very beneficial to the human body. Not only does it help improve the body’s overall health but one of its significant roles is known as the oxidation-reduction reactions within the body. These reactions are all part of the metabolic system that converts food into energy which the body needs in order to function well.

NAD also regulates the circadian and metabolic rhythm by maintaining DNA integrity and health. They also are also the “quality checkers” for new proteins entering the body. NAD is also one of the key players in anti-aging and they work on the mitochondria by increasing the length of telomeres. These telomeres are the protective caps that can be seen at the ends of each chromosome which grows shorter as the body ages. By increasing the activity of SIRT1 and PARP1 proteins, the DNA can repair itself and at the same time helps in the slower rate of aging.

Our body naturally produces NAD but over time, the levels of this co-enzyme decrease as well. That being said, it can also result in cellular changes that contribute to age-related illnesses. When the levels of NAD is low, DNA can be damaged and if it is left damaged for a period of time, it can accumulate and eventually mutate. So in order to avoid this, NAD must be restored and supplied with the components it needs so they can counteract and preserve the integrity of DNA.

What Treatment Can Do to Treat Addiction

A person who abuses drugs and alcohol has depleted NAD and this makes it hard for them to convert the energy found in food. It is also believed that people with naturally low NAD or produces less NAD are the best candidate to develop an addiction as well as a co-occurring disorder. Besides these facts, there are also other reasons as to why a person’s natural reserve of CAD is depleted. It could be due to the following:

All of these can drain a person’s energy and lower the levels of NAD. In order to boost it, one must exercise, eat a balanced diet, get plenty of protein intake as well as eating raw food. Many of these practices are often done in treatment facilities for substance abuse disorders. Dietary plans and exercises go hand in hand to help increase NAD and produce a more positive, pleasant feeling to the individual and help encourage them to avoid substance abuse.

If you are suffering from addiction and want to get better, going though IV drip therapy with NAD can help you a lot. Among these benefits include:

  • Helps in addiction recovery from alcohol, nicotine, opioids
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Helps improve your depression
  • Gives you mental clarity
  • Improve the function of your brain and overall neurological health
  • Regenerates brain activities
  • Improves your fatigue
  • Restores muscle function and athletic performance

Not only will your overall brain and neurological system improve but NAD also plays a big role in anti-aging treatments. Keep in mind that as we age, our metabolism changes and aging changes the way our body appears and even on how we metabolize food. As mentioned before, NAD elongates or lengthens telomeres which extends the life of our DNA as we grow older. With NAD IV treatment, symptoms with aging are also improved so our bodies can benefit from it. In fact, it can help slow the aging process, reverse it and helps restore the appearance of skin and wrinkles.

Why Should You Use NAD IV Therapy to Treat Addiction?

Since excessive use of drugs and alcohol depletes the body’s natural source of NAD, NAD IV therapy is the best way to help replenish this co-enzyme. So why should you even try this? Here’s what you can get:

  • It helps in flushing out all the drugs in the patient’s system
  • It helps in reducing the withdrawal effects of detoxing which can be very uncomfortable and extremely difficult.
  • It reduces the cravings for alcohol and drug substances, lessens the withdrawal pains and helps the patient/user’s mental and physical recovery fast.
  • It also helps the body in producing more energy naturally while avoiding jitters or crashing.

The length of each IV sessions may vary depending on the severity of addiction and the recommended sessions needed by clinics or physicians. After initial sessions, follow up must be scheduled after 1 or 2 months. Depending on the improvement of the user, this therapy can be extended at the discretion of the clinics providing it.

While NAD seems to have plenty of benefits and is very helpful to many, there is still a looming question as to how useful are the long-term effects of NAD is. Although it is helpful, NAD is not a miracle cure and must be used with other medications to achieve the best results. If you suffer from addiction, it is best to contact a treatment facility or professional to know the best options to take with NAD IV therapy. This way results are more favorable and effective to the user. Call Arizona Addiction Recovery Center for NAD Treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are one of the few treatment centers offering NAD therapy in Arizona.