How to Find Phoenix, Arizona’s Best Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona have some of the nation’s best inpatient and residential drug rehab treatment centers, but how can you tell which they are?

A contributing article by an AARC graduate…

Many of Arizona’s leading addiction treatment programs have the ability to help you get your life back on track. And while there is a plethora of excellent drug rehab centers, primarily in and around the Phoenix and Scottsdale regions, locating the one that meets your requirements is critical and, sometimes, challenging. Just picking any treatment facility won’t work.

The fact is that while most residential treatment centers will probably employ similar addiction recovery models, it is crucial to weigh your options in order to best help increase your likelihood for long-term success in recovery.

To get off on the right foot, you can start your search for the best inpatient drug rehabs or some other type of addiction treatment center by narrowing down your options. Will you opt for residential or inpatient recovery or outpatient treatment? In the first case, you’ll need to live at the rehab center throughout the duration of the treatment process, which typically poses a greater likelihood for success.

If you prefer the second option, you will continue to live at home during your treatment and get your medical treatment, counseling, therapy and so forth at predetermined dates and times. Studies have shown, though, that inpatient drug rehab tends to be more effective.

Another indicator of a rehab center’s suitability is their rehab program rating and reviews. People tend to review and rate every experience they have had using the power of social media and the tools the online world offers them. There is no doubt that you can get a pretty clear picture of the value of a drug rehab center by just going through their reviews. Be aware though, that sometimes you’ll read a review about a facility in Phoenix, AZ for instance, while it also has satellite programs in Scottsdale, which can mean that the review should only be applied to the Phoenix location.

While searching for the best inpatient addiction treatment centers in Arizona, whether in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe or elsewhere, you will definitely come across their success stories or, at least, you should. In any other case, you should be cautious. Also, if a drug rehab facility has some statistics on their treatment methods’ success rates, that is also a good sign.

Needless to say, the drug rehab center that you tend to like the most should offer treatment programs that are accredited by the state it is in, which should also be run by well-trained addiction specialists and mental health professionals.

However, there’s more you can research before making a selection. You need to know about the type of aftercare services, which are important if you want to prevent relapse. Is the aftercare program well-run? Does it provide referrals to support groups and other recovery services within the community? Long-term follow-up and support are paramount to recovery.

Finally, you should definitely conduct ample due diligence before you choose which residential drug rehab center best meets your needs.

Once you have done your research, we are sure the road will lead you to Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, the leading full-scope inpatient drug rehab with components specifically designed to ensure lifelong sobriety.