Impact of Long-term Drug & Alcohol Abuse

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Drug abuse not only impacts the individual but also its associates, relatives, employers and everyone else. This breaks the interactions between the user and those they need, rendering seeking assistance much harder for the consumer.

Every behavior an individual does has an effect on them and their life. Repeated and persistent behavior, like substance abuse, can have severe effects on their life and their health. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the horrible impact that substance abuse can have on a person’s life.

Impact of drugs and alcohol on an individual’s life

Abuse of substances can have a major impact on your life. Legal problems can also arise from illegal substance use. A person convicted of a drug offense will have a criminal record which may lead to problems with obtaining a job, a loan, or a visa on an international trip.

The cost of abusing drugs or alcohol can create financial difficulties and social/emotional problems that impact family, friends, and other relationships. Below are the areas of life affected by the long-term abuse of drugs and alcohol.


Addiction is a harmful disease that has an impact on the mind, body, sensations, and activities of the user. They are not the same people when they are consumed by addiction. They are very different in their priorities and demands.

Health risks

The results of substances depend on:

  • Mood, physical characteristics, weight, ethnicity, previous drug use, drug preferences, temperament, whether the individual had food and if other substances were used.
  • The kind of medicines that have been used, their quantity, their potency, their frequency and how they are used.
  • Whether the user utilizes with friends, alone, and in a social environment or at home, or works.

Physical Issues

A person’s appearance is based on what they’re putting in their body. You are what you eat, after all. Nutritious food keeps the body lively and healthy, whereas drugs and alcohol do not. Several specific results on people with regular substances abuse are as follows:

  • Heart diseases
  • Respiratory diseases (difficulty in breathing)
  • Nausea
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver disease
  • Abnormal eating habits that lead to unintentional weight loss or weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Unexplainable body odors
  • Dry skin and poor grooming

Tolerance and dependence

Daily use may contribute to tolerance. This means that a person requires the drug more than before to produce the same results they would normally get with smaller doses. Daily use may also lead to addiction. This means that the substance is integral to a person’s life and they find that without it, they can’t live life normally.


Withdrawal symptoms may occur when regular substance use is reduced or stopped. Such signs may be exhaustion, nausea, stress, reduced motivation, irritability, restlessness, sleeplessness, fear, violence, anxiety, and cravings.


An overdose happens when the substance’s degree of toxicity reaches a point where physical or psychological harm begins to develop.

Not only does drug and alcohol usage impact one’s internal organs and consciousness, but it also influences one’s image and performance.

Mental Issues

There is a common link between substance use and issues of mental health. People with problems regarding their alcohol consumption are also at higher risk of mental health problems relative to the general population. Often, people with mental health problems in the group have a higher rate of difficulties involving alcohol usage.

Perhaps the most influenced part of life is the personal health of one’s drug and alcohol consumption. The varying chemical responses mess up with the normal operation of the brain, particularly when various kinds of drugs and alcohol have specific effects on the brain.

Some of them are depressants, some stimulants. Excessive consumption of the same type or a large, regular amount of different types also has severe consequences.


Anxiety is something that most people experience somewhere in their life, typically when in a different, complicated or stressful circumstance. Anxiety is associated with battle for survival instinct that increases adrenaline and then alarm, allowing you to respond in life-threatening situations.

You may dread everyday tasks such as going to work, leaving the house or socializing with your buddy while you feel anxious. Some symptoms include, panic attacks, getting tired easily or irritable, worrying all the time, feeling dizzy, and experiencing pain in the body.


Depression is also a medical condition. Depression is caused by chemical brain imbalances and is a serious condition that has a significant impact on people’s lives. Depression symptoms include feeling tired all the time, feeling down (life is not worth living), trouble in concentration, restlessness and worthlessness, and loss of interest in usual activities.


The word psychosis identifies an affected understanding of reality by a human. Stimulants of an amphetamine-type are often correlated with them. Psychosis may include symptoms such as:

  • Unorganized or odd behavior.
  • Auditory disturbances, visions or strange feelings that come and go.
  • Experiencing or seeing something that is not there or self-harm.

Financial issues

Depending on market trends and availability, the price of illegal drugs changes in the street. The cost of buying medicines can have an impact on both sometimes and regular users and cause financial problems.

Impact on Relationships

Substance use can contribute to emotional and social issues and can impact interactions between families and friends. The use of substances has different consequences for individuals. Many may be sad, furious, aggressive, tired, anxious, or depressed when interacting with people they have a relationship with. These responses affect relationships with certain people including, family and friends.

Problems with the law

A drug offender can obtain a criminal record that may lead to problems with obtaining a job, health insurance, credit rating or overseas travel visas.

Drugs and alcohol impact a person emotionally, psychologically, socially and personally, which are all massive aspects of our existence. The rest of life is also imbalanced if these parts are affected, so take hold of it all. Just like addiction gradually settled into your body, you can also eliminate it out step by step.

The best addiction treatment helps you to cure little by little the effects of substance abuse. With the strong motivation that is already in you, you will reclaim control of your life. The best addiction therapy will completely rid any desires you have to use. Get help today!