Juuls, E-cigarettes, & Vapes: The New Face of Nicotine Addiction

Dangers of Vaping

Although many new age products are being marketed as a method of kicking one’s addiction, the reality is that people are just trading in one addiction for another. For those who aren’t yet familiar, Juuls, E-cigarettes, and vapes are modern devices used to mimic the act of smoking cigarettes, and supposedly are bereft of the various damaging side effects. Rather than being a healthy “alternative”, these are just a continuation of the same nicotine addiction.

The Truth about New Age Smoking Devices

Kicking Nicotine AddictionWhile e-cigarettes are devoid of many of the toxins present in regular cigarettes, those who use vapes, Juuls, and e-cigarettes are at risk of the following side effects:

  • Lung Health – Despite the lack of tar and other toxic elements that attack your lungs, using a vape could cause ultrafine particles to be inhaled deep into your lungs. Moreover, since this is such a new phenomenon, the ultimate results of this are still unknown. Additionally, while you may have switched to vapes in an effort to lessen your risk of developing lung cancer, flavorants such as diacetyl have been linked to a serious lung disease as well.
  • Heavy Metals – Another factor that needs to be noted is they also contain heavy metals such as lead, nickel, and tin that can not only be dangerous to your lung health but to your health overall.
  • Addiction – Nicotine addiction does not just disappear with the use of vapes. Given that there is nicotine present in e-cigarettes, those who use them are at risk of developing this addiction. Furthermore, nicotine is known to stimulate the adrenal gland which can cause side effects such as increased blood pressure, as well as faster heart rate and breathing rates. This can be highly dangerous for those already suffering from some sort of heart or circulatory issue. Lastly, it also triggers dopamine. Which is one of the top influencing factors for long-term addictions.
  • Teen Health – Teens are especially at risk for developing these long-term nicotine addictions when using vapes and e-cigarettes as they are marketed to a younger demographic. The promotion and marketing scripts talk about the lack of smoke, which makes it easier to use and less apparent to inhale, which makes the e-cigarettes seem “sneaky”. Teens, in particular, are said to be more prone to addictions since they are having these experiences during their most impressionable, developmental years.

The Juul’s brand is especially enticing to younger demographics, including teens and young adults. The sleek design which resembles a USB drive allows this device to be easily concealed at school, and produces less smoke than it’s other alternatives. Many school districts have recognized the growing problem on their campuses and amended their policies to address the issue. This “alternative” to smoking has as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes and can lead to a life-long struggle with nicotine addiction.

Addiction Help

If you believe you are suffering from nicotine addiction and need assistance kicking the habit, a rehabilitation program may be your best bet. Although many people seem to believe rehabs are for more serious addictions to harder drugs, nicotine addiction is actually a very serious addiction that can not only disrupt one’s life and health but it can ultimately end in death. Ultimately, by enrolling in a rehab program, you will not only get the support you need right now, but you will begin to build a solid foundation with which to help you stay addiction-free for many years to come. No matter if you are being told there are no side effects to smoking vapes and e-cigarettes, always listen to your body and common sense above all else. Vaping, like all other recreational drug habits, can also be deadly.