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Integrating Real-Life Components Into Treatment


Integrative Life and Recovery Coaching for Individuals in Treatment


Life Coaching and Sober Guidance in Early Recovery and TreatmentAs Arizona’s foremost residential addiction treatment leader with programs for young adults 18-35 and those in the 35+ age group, AARC proudly sets the standard for success when it comes to integrating real-life components within the treatment process. Among the many advantages we offer to young adults struggling with substance abuse issues, is our uniquely effective approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, of which includes a comprehensive element of life coaching and early recovery success elements.

AARC works closely within a network of highly regarded certified life and recovery coaches throughout the Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ regions. In doing so, we are able to provide individuals who are often times in the midst of life dysfunctions resulting from their addictions, with ample early recovery skills that are designed to propel the manner in which they lead their lives.

Life Coaching Integration within our Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ Treatment Programs

  • Guiding individuals in how to practically and effectively intertwine their newfound sobriety within their daily lifestyles and responsibilities
  • Creating added clarity within client’s passions for living with respect to work, career, education, relationships, etc.
  • Preemptively striking at the most common causes for early recovery relapse, such as stress, confusion, lack of excitement in life, lack of direction, self-defeating messages, relationship issues
  • Creating “workable” aftercare plans which entail balance and realistic goals designed to bolster success on various levels.

It seems that, all too often, friends and loved ones of those early in recovery find themselves dramatically lowering the bar in life for the individual. We have seen it hundreds of times, mom and dad no longer really seem to want to push their son or daughter toward a rewarding career, for instance, and have literally lowered the bar to the point where the individual’s ongoing sobriety is, in and of itself, the end-all be-all barometer for success.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center believes that success and clarity can only further enhance ones recovery program. This applies to anyone in any age bracket or demographic, but even more so to younger adults who still have a potentially long life ahead of them. Whether it has to do with making strong and positive social relations, a workable plan for schooling or career choices, or even something so simple as buying a car and becoming self-sufficient, the long-term impact can be monumental so long as everything is kept in proportion.

AARC has seen tremendous results through our life and recovery coaching integration, and our vibrant and growing alumni community is a living testament to our way of recovery! For more information we encourage you to give us a call at (888) 512-1705 or send us an inquiry using the contact form at the bottom of this page. For those with PPO health insurance, we also invite you to speed things up by submitting your information via our health insurance verification form


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