The Major Things that Have Been Learned About the American Heroin Industry

So far 2017 has been the best year yet for gangs and cartels who import and distribute the drugs in the United States. Heroin is inexpensive to make and even more addictive, but this more potent heroin is killing its users.

Bloomberg Businessweek traveled to Cincinnati, which has somehow become the capital of American heroin, to find out why the market is so great, and whether it’s possible to stop the flow of heroin laced with even stronger painkillers.”

The main reasons summed up, were that it is hard to catch dealers because there are so many, painkillers are harder to get ahold of, synthetic opioids mean addictions are stronger, and the addicts have made it in high demand because of how powerful it is.

“Some addicts want that drug that’s killing everybody, because they want to get high or they hope they die,” one recovering heroin user in Cincinnati told Businessweek.”

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