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Fighting an addiction is by far one of the hardest challenges to overcome. Leaving behind a lifestyle in order to improve your well-being is essential. Our Southwest substance abuse center based in Scottsdale offers some of the best rehab options nationwide. Our Scottsdale Addiction Recovery Center provides rehabilitation services for those addicted to alcohol and narcotics. If you suffer from addiction issues, enroll in either of our centers and start your path to sobriety. Find out more details here.

Successful recovery from drug abuse requires committed and thorough support. With the help of friends, family, and a licensed addiction treatment staff, no problem is insurmountable. Working together to find the underlying causes of a patient’s addiction and helping them follow through on the prescribed treatment plan is a team effort, and we specialize in coordinating help from friends and family to achieve a strong support system. Rehabilitation is about the process as well as the post-recovery maintenance. Often, when post recovery services are ignored or not taken well into consideration, the chances of relapse with the same or similar addiction problems are higher.

Some of the common reasons that addicts relapse:

  • Some addictions are more severe than others. The intensity or severity of the addiction may cause relapse if not assessed correctly from the very beginning.
  • Underlying and ongoing health, mental or life problems may cause a relapse. A careful study of the patient’s complete profile is required to prevent this.
  • High levels of stress can cause patients to turn to their substance of choice for relief and cause an immediate and dangerous relapse. Stress management and post substance abuse plans are essential in a successful rehabilitation.
  • Active participation in substance-abuse-related activities and interactions with other addicted individuals could also be a factor that leads to a relapse. Diligent follow up of our patients and maintaining a caring relationship has been key in preventing this type of addiction relapse.

Scottsdale RehabOur recovery centers have pre-designed and tested life/recovery coaching programs that enable addicts to change their lifestyle. These programs also help them abstain from using the same or similar substances, whether it be drugs or alcohol.

While most other rehabilitation and recovery centers solely focus on getting the individual out of the addiction, our centers put great emphasis on providing the most cutting-edge methods in helping patients sustain their new drug or alcohol-free lifestyle.

The treatments offered at our Scottsdale Recovery Center and AZ Residential Addiction Treatment are not only effective in the short run, they also redefine long-term success. The treatment services are offered at an in-house level with highly equipped and certified clinical staff, working to fulfill any client needs from physical body dependence to mental addictions. The treatments include:

    • Hosting Interventions and Family Guidance:
      Intervention processes are methodologically created and uniquely designed for each individual family’s needs. The interventionist typically travels to where the concerned family is located a day or two before the event in order to properly understand the situation, and brief each family member as to how the intervention will be carried out. There is a specialized process followed by interventionists in order to successfully bring the patient into treatment. The logistics and coordination are completed first, followed by the guidance of the family/friends/colleagues or whomsoever it involved. Travel arrangements are made to travel for treatment, the background of the patient’s drug use is understood, medical detoxification is arranged and finally, an overall health lifestyle coaching program is customized for each patient.
    • Medical Detoxification:
      This treatment program is run by well-experienced physicians who have designed a detoxification program that assimilates into our core treatments with an extremely high level of efficiency. Many treatment centers prescribe an unnecessarily high dosage of narcotic medicines and under-monitor factors that lead to long-term success. Our treatment program features a carefully measured approach, delivering the minimum dosages to help patients become comfortable during recovery without risking another addiction.
    • Integrative Life and Recovery Coaching:
      This treatment process focuses on integrating real-life challenges into our treatment processes. The goal of substance abuse coaching is to guide individuals as to how they should effectively conduct their daily lives with their newfound sobriety. After this treatment is completed it has often been found that clients have a passion for living with more success with work, careers, education, and relationships.

Life at the rehabilitation center doesn’t end here: the sober living and aftercare system helps clients stay in touch with the people who helped them in a time of need, and guides them on their personal road to recovery. This program was designed because it is difficult to transition from the comforts of the treatment center to the real world, which often presents challenges that may not be conducive to sobriety. To help protect the dedication clients have put into their health, the aftercare systems and alumni program helps support the commitment to sober living. Spending time at the treatment center equips clients with the emotional tools necessary to stay on the right track. Our clients are equipped with the knowledge needed to continue down this path on their own but they will never be alone. The center is always a phone call away and can be reached via email and text message as well. Interaction is also encouraged during the 12 step support program meetings and getaways.

The aftercare program even extends to keeping clients up to date with cutting edge treatment trends in order to further strengthen their sobriety. The new advances in nutritional practices, holistic methodologies, and motivational thought processes can improve recovery every day. This information is passed on to the client in order to keep the recovery process as effective as possible.

With a wide range of treatment options available, Scottsdale, AZ Drug Abuse Center provides the best care and hospitality for addiction recovery.

Our recovery program features an alumni program in order to help overcome long-term challenges. It is not uncommon for clients to experience moments they believed would’ve been easy to confront, which puts them at risk for relapsing. Frequent visits to the alumni program allows patients to share stories about such moments and teaches attendants what they can and can’t face on their own.