Sex is very important if we want to keep our entire body in check and take care of our hormonal system. But while sex is natural and healthy, some people have to deal with a constant sex addiction where it’s a necessity. They feel the need to have sex (in some form) at all times, and they just can’t stop doing it.

You can see sex addiction as a progressive intimacy disorder. It’s usually compulsive, and the problem is that it can end up getting worse as time goes along. There are sex addicts that have just minor issues that just come around, things like compulsive masturbation for example. However, other sex addicts feel the need to have sex all the time, and that feeling will dictate their decisions (often poor ones) until that need is satisfied. 

Addicts are not the same as sex offenders, but there is some shared properties between the two. Approximately 55% of sexual offenders serving time are classified as sex addicts. The problem is that sex addiction tends to be more and more common in the case of young people, and dealing with it at a very young age does bring long-term repercussions. This is why entering a proper recovery system and using the right treatment options has to be a priority, otherwise you will have to deal with a huge range of issues if you leave sex addiction to take control of your life!

Sexual addiction usually starts with multiple affairs and anonymous sex. You want to change your partners often, and you don’t care about that person on an emotional level, you care just about the act on its own. Which tends to be problematic, because it leads you to not having any affection in your love life. It is not uncommon to find people who are sex addicts also dealing with depression or other mental health issues.

Compulsive use of pornographic content, obsessive dating that leads to sexual encounters, cybersex, voyeurism, prostitution or the use of prostitutes are also a type of sex addiction. Basically, this type of addiction is widely spread, and it just goes to show how complex it can be. It may even explain a little bit of what is currently going on in Hollywood. People in power who tend to get what the want no matter the ask without fear or repercussions. The problem is their decisions and choices have been directed at victims without consent, and have had long lasting effects.

Sexual addiction is real, and has real impact on peoples lives. Just like addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is best if you can find professional help for your addiction. There are professionals who have dedicated their lives to recovery programs to help people take back control. If you need to talk to someone or find help, please, give us a call.

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