The Importance for Residential Addiction Treatment in Today’s Society

With today’s enormous increase in substance abuse and mental health related issues, residential and inpatient addiction treatment centers are more important than ever.


Substance abuse has earned a spotlight in the Election race. It was hard not to be touched by Governor Chris Christie’s recount of his college buddy’s loss to drug addiction. Donald Trump surprisingly discovered that a beautiful place like New Hampshire has its residents overcome by heroin use. Unfortunately, states all across our great nation are facing epidemic levels of substance abuse issues, specifically relating to heroin and opiate painkillers such as Vicodin and Percocet. Subsequently, residential treatment centers have been experiencing an unusually high increase for addiction treatment.

It’s high time, pardon the pun, that substance abuse (and many related mental health illnesses) finally got the attention it deserves! And not just the mere symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse, rather the root cause of each – mental health. Too often we see news stories after a shooting unveiling the suspect was known to have mental health (also referred to as behavioral health) issues, yet nobody did anything about it. It’s time for us to all step up and help those crying out for attention, before a violent act occurs. Health insurance companies have recognized the need for mental health counselling and addiction treatment, including residential, inpatient and outpatient, by increasing their coverage and providing special contact numbers on the back of their insurance cards.

As much as our parents, friends and family mean well, they are simply not equipped to deal with addiction treatment and related chemical dependency issues from a clinical perspective. I have seen too many families torn apart because parents allow their kids to stay with them because they have nowhere else to go. They keep losing jobs, increasing debt and resort to crime and violence. It’s a sad day when you have to fear your own child. We should adhere to the old adage, it’s best to leave things to the professionals, and this is especially true with matters concerning substance and mental health treatment services. This is why so many have turned to addiction and mental health professionals at residential/inpatient treatment centers. It’s so hard to let go and admit you can’t handle your own child or spouse, but it’s harder to keep suffering the consequences.

The stigma of going for help whether it be for substance abuse or mental health has been shattered. It’s now commonplace to hear people openly talking about their son, neighbor or wife who is suffering from substance abuse. Now people can finally talk without shame about which inpatient or outpatient treatment center they have been to so they can get the best addiction treatment for their loved ones.

If you are not sure which residential addiction treatment center is best, a good course of action would be to search the web for objective reviews on drug rehab facilities. We can all benefit from the open dialogue that’s occurring about mental health so that we can get to the heart of the matter and eradicate substance abuse in our country, cities and homes.

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