Tips for Managing Boredom in Recovery

Recovering from addiction can become too boring, and sometimes the primary reason for relapse. This is why most people who are under recuperation are recommended with a long list of things that they can do while trying to pick up the pieces of their lives. It may be a hobby, a series of activities, or a person, what matters most is that people who have been in a traumatic phase of their lives should have something to keep them busy. This will prevent them from overthinking or wondering what they would do in their very long stretches of free time, eventually finding themselves doing the same thing they have been doing – which is the reason why they are at this low point of their life.

5 top suggestions in surpassing boredom during recovery

  • Have a friend to talk to. Somebody whom recovering people can always talk to with and share what they have on their mind is definitely the best solution for boredom. It may be simple messages or phone calls but the effect of this will be tremendous for another. This is a reminder of how good it is to be alive, healthy and well. This is even better if this person is somebody close, like a sibling or a parent, because they are commonly under one roof or at least nearby.
  • Do something spontaneous.  People who are recovering from addiction or trauma need to do something that makes them feel normal and busy. This prevents them from going back to their usual routine – and that is addiction. Going out to bask in sunlight, eat or picnic, stargaze and exercise are just some. If they can do this with somebody whom they listen to and trust, the entire recovery phase can be much easier for that person.
  • Write. Introvert people would prefer being alone with their thoughts so they are among those who have the bigger chance to relapse. Good thing is, these are also the more artistic people. They can write, draw, sing, and capture photographs to keep boredom at bay. All these things can eat up their time even without them knowing. The next thing they know, the sun has gone down and they have become so immersed in what they do that inspired them so much, they don’t need to be back to their vices.
  • Indulge in a new hobby. It doesn’t even have to be a new hobby. It can be an old hobby or something that they just know how to do, just as long as it can give them something to do other than getting bored. And if they can do this with the help of people whom they trust, it will be a much easier recovery period.
  • Visit a friend or family. Going out to see an old, friendly face is among the most healing things to do and recommend to a recovering person from addiction.

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