Addiction can be a curse. Until you acknowledge it, accept it and overcome it. The ideology needed to live well, despite the disease, follows many of the same principles as what is recommended for non-addictive types. Once these top 10 tips to stay motivated are put into practice, addiction can be a driving force in our success, much like a nonconventional blessing.

Seeing the Value in Time

What we take for granted serves as an edge to survival. Time. How we handle it or how it handles us. Making the most of how time is spent can help fill potential moments of temptation and better organize the day. This not only helps to stay busy but allows room for other opportunities. We can do more and make better decisions on how we’re spending our time and who we spend it with. But there’s even more value in assessing our time. When we chronicle our time management, it also provides a working document, a visual tool to prove our success rate. The more we can account for our goals and “check-off’ achievements day-to-day, self-esteem improves further empowering us to do more.

Visualization Is Realization

Once you adopt this practice of tabulating how you spend your time each day, by using a calendar (online or printed version), looking through it can help. Each January, or even at the end of each month, go through what you’ve set out to do each day and see just how much you’ve accomplished. It’s a quick feel good tool and can also help identify which goals you haven’t mastered or perhaps may not truly be that important to you. This way, you can reassess your long-term plans through short term goals and modify where needed, to lessen time wasted and shore up time for new opportunities.

The Feelings Behind Reluctance

While you’re using a calendar to make the most of your time, why not add a word or short phrase each day to describe how you feel? Each night before you go to sleep, simply jot down a prominent way you felt that day. At the end of the month, for example, look through each day and see if you can distinguish between what you did (or didn’t do) and how you felt about it. This may also provide clues into how you value your daily activities and your feelings about them.

Avoid Boredom by Trying Something New

To do list brings actionNothing can get your heart pumping and adrenaline racing like deciding on something new to do and doing it. I’m not talking about climbing Mt. Everest or dancing on hot coals. Pick something small, such as, trying a new food from a foreign land or exploring a different part of town (do your research first). Engaging in a new activity surges brain activity and helps you focus. Think of it as the exact place where learning and adventure come together.

Doing something new provides:

  • Knowledge
  • Focus
  • Experience
  • Personal empowerment

In addition to finding a new passion, a new hobby or interest can open the door to other possibilities in exploration, friendship or employment. At the very least, you’ll have a great new story to share with your friends, your sponsor and strangers you’ve yet to meet.

Finding Freedom by Facing Your Fears

There’s something exhilarating about choosing a challenge that involves facing your fears. When you face your fears, you open the door to overcoming them. Even the act of acknowledging what you’re afraid of can go a long way to improve self-esteem and help build inner strength to pursue other goals you may not have otherwise considered.

If you’ve ever known people who had a fear of drowning, it probably hindered activities around water (swimming, boating, etc.) from childhood and into adult life. Once they decided to take swimming lessons, their fear of drowning diminished and a world of activities opened to them. The same holds true for anything you fear. Confront it. Surpass it.

Success in Addiction Recovery Isn’t Magic, It’s Methodical

There’s comfort in routine. Keeping to a specific schedule, hanging out with tried and true friends or eating within a set list of healthy food groups can ensure success throughout the sobriety process. In fact, let’s put an emphasis on the word, process.

Going through addiction recovery is seldom a straight line from point A to point B, but a dotted line with curves and pauses. We learn and we grow. We step back to breathe and lunge forward when least expected. We are students. We are teachers. This is the methodology to live by and share with others who seek to do the same.

Top 10 Tips to Stay Motivated Today and Tomorrow

  1. Be fearless
  2. Be forgiving
  3. Be creative
  4. Be open
  5. Be imperfect
  6. Be loving
  7. Be accountable
  8. Be reflective
  9. Be visionary
  10. BE YOU

Life can bring the unexpected. It’s easy to give up. Don’t. You might want to use this top 10 list as a quick resource whenever self-doubt arises or other forms of negativity cloud your day. Never deprive yourself or others from the value uniquely in you.

Rediscover Your Self-Worth, Free from Drugs or Alcohol

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