Treating Drug and Alcohol Addictions in Men and Women

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Is residential substance abuse treatment more effective in a mixed coed environment, or in gender-specific (male-only and female-only) drug rehab settings?

Difference between co-ed drug rehabs and gender-specific treatment centers for men and womenTreatment for drug addiction is a complex process, both for males and females. Drug rehab centers for men-only or women-only provide treatment opportunities in which to focus exclusively on recovering from substance abuse, without the obvious distractions of having the opposite sex around while in emotionally vulnerable states of mind.

The general consensus is that residential addiction treatment is more effective without the allure of possible romance and sexual feelings that may conjure up in a coed treatment facility. For many, the absence of substance abuse may elicit a desire for a replacement pleasure such as sexual activity. And given the fact that inpatient treatment provides “hook-up” opportunities during the nighttime hours as well, it stands to reason that most clinicians would lean in favor of gender-specific (male-only or female-only) environments.

More and more drug rehab centers are now becoming gender specific, while others may have a coed facility with inpatient treatment environments that are separate for men and women. Either way, “rehab romances,” as they’re often referred to, are almost always prohibited because, simply put, they deter from the core recovery purpose and can often lead to relapse or worse… Think about it, just getting to the underlying causes of one’s addiction or dual-diagnosis issues is hard enough in and of itself, now add the love-lust variable and all bets are basically off!

Drug addiction affects each individual so differently and as such, requires a very customized approach for an effective treatment process. Furthermore, we know too well that men and women are wired differently biologically, emotionally and psychologically – thus requiring different methods to address their specific needs. Drug treatment for men can provide a safe space for males to communicate, allowing them to open up more versus when there are women present. By the same token, drug rehab for women offers a comfortable environment to heal without the extra emotional implications that may occur in the presence of men.

Men’s Treatment

  • Environment to communicate openly without the opposite sex present
  • Focus on using strength and traditional notions of male identity
  • Physical fitness as a healthy alternative outlet
  • Address underlying issues (sexual performance or orientation, financial stability, career success, anger management, emotional disconnect, etc.)

Women’s Treatment

  • Environment to communicate openly without the opposite sex present
  • On-site childcare
  • Provisions for pregnancy and other physical issues specific to women
  • Nurturing and comforting, alleviating shame and guilt
  • Address underlying issues (eating disorder, domestic abuse, post-partum, etc.

Regardless of whether you are a man or woman seeking treatment for addiction, before entering any drug rehab, coed or gender specific, you must be ready, willing and able to commit to your recovery. In order for a stay in drug rehab to be successful, the individual must acknowledge their dependency and be able to do the hard work necessary to overcome substance abuse and enjoy lasting sobriety.

Drug addiction treatment can benefit both males and females when implementing a comprehensive and personalized approach that includes detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), and sober living or aftercare. To discuss and clarify which residential drug treatment is right for you, please contact Arizona Addiction Center 24/7 at 602.346.9130.

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