Understanding Customized Holistic Treatment

There are many people who are addicted to alcohol or any drug. This addiction can lead to various types of health problems and can also lead to death. Some people can overcome these addictions and tell about their past experiences. Traditionally, such an addiction can be treated through lectures, group therapy, and many others. The duration of such programs can be a month or more. After the completion of these courses, people must go back to the same environment where they can be again tempted to have alcohol or drugs, which they have left during the therapy. In such a case, customized holistic treatment can be used to treat such people so that they are not tempted to the things that they have stopped consuming. As the level of addiction and the resulting disorders differ from person to person. So, a tailor-made set of treatments is identified for every individual depending on his or her physical and mental condition. That’s why the term customized holistic treatment. 

Overview of Holistic Treatment

In this type of treatment, the whole body of the patient has to be inspected. It is believed that all parts of the bodywork together to make the body a single entity. People who are addicted to alcohol and various types of drugs cause damage to the person in a way that he becomes ill emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and socially. In such cases, rehabilitation facilities are available and people suffering from addiction are treated here. The treatments conducted here include counseling and group meetings. Holistic treatment therapies are also conducted. The main aim of this treatment is to let the person know himself and the reason that led to the addiction.

Techniques of Holistic Treatment

In this type of treatment, both traditional and modern therapies are used to cure the patients. Various approaches included in the holistic treatment are as follows:

Dual diagnosis treatment
In this type of treatment, drug addiction and mental health disorders of a person are diagnosed. Due to these two disorders, the treatment is called dual diagnosis treatment. Mental health disorder includes various state of mind like anxiety, depression, stress, frustration, tension, and many more. The cases related to dual diagnosis can be found in homeless people and in those individuals who have to deal with various types of criminals.

In this type of treatment, the health professional inserts very thin needles at some special points in the skin of the patient. These needles are pierced to different depths. The main aim of this treatment is to provide relief from pain. There are many other things for which this treatment is used. The flow of energy in the body can be easily regulated with the help of this treatment.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy
This type of therapy is used to improve the behavior of a patient. The behavior of a patient can be changed through various reasons. The basis of this treatment is behavior and feelings, which can be changed due to the presence of certain people, or situations.

Spiritual counseling
In this type of treatment, each person is treated on the basis of his religious affiliation. The treatment helps the patient to know about the things which they desire in life.

Family therapy
In this type of therapy, the relationship of the person with his family is dealt with and all the conflicts are resolved. The beginning of helping a person getting rid of addiction is repairing his relationship with his family. This therapy helps a person in living peacefully with his family and will provide him the strength to leave the things he is addicted to.

Motivational interviewing
The goal of this treatment is to encourage the patient so that he can leave the substance, which has caused the addiction. This will also change his behavior. The treatment is done to relieve the person from various kinds of stress that have led him to become an addict.

This is a therapy in which the patient is suggested to do various types of physical exercises. Along with it, the patient has to perform other exercises, which are related to breathing, relaxation, controlling diet, meditation, and many others. This will help in relaxing the mind.

Benefits of holistic treatment

Holistic therapies along with traditional therapies help a patient to get rid of alcohol and other drugs addiction. The therapy works for a long time and people are not easily attached to the substances again. Holistic therapy helps a patient to be treated emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There are many benefits to this therapy, which are as follow

Personalized treatment

People are given personalized treatment so that they feel that they have been given importance. This is considered as the best approach because each addicted person is considered as unique and a personalized treatment plan is best for such people.

The entire body is healed in this treatment

The treatment considers the patient and not any part of the body. The healthcare professionals take care of the mind, body, and spirit of the patient. The effect of all these things are taken into consideration and then the treatment is started.

The environment is compassionate and caring

The environment in which the treatment is to be done is compassionate and makes a person feel taken care of. The harsh environment will make the person uneasy and he will like to leave the place as soon as possible. The staff working in the rehab center should be well trained so that they can take care of the patient in the most compassionate and caring manner.

Recovery should be long term

The holistic treatment is applied in such a way that people feel easy and are ready to accept and face any kind of challenges. It has been estimated that the treatment lasts longer and the patient does not go for addiction to anything again.

Many types of treatment options are available

There are many types of treatments available in holistic treatment and the staff can use any of them to help the patient to get rid of addiction.

Holistic treatment has helped many people in getting rid of addiction to alcohol and other substances. The environment is caring as well as compassionate and people are given personalized treatment so that they can feel that they are very important.