What Happens When You Leave Rehab Early?

What Happens When You Leave Rehab Early?

Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease that requires treatment. Rehab is a necessary step on the road to recovery, but can prove to be challenging at times. There are many reasons why someone may decide to leave rehab early. None of them are worth the cost of what that decision may have to your health. Enroll in a treatment program that focuses on the individual and curates unique plans. Choose a program that can be flexible with your needs. Rehab provides a safe, supportive, and caring environment that fosters immense growth.

Why Do People Leave Rehab Early?

Leaving a rehabilitation program early means that they have gone against medical advice. Reasons giving for leaving rehab early vary. There are many reasons why someone may decide to leave rehab. However, the treatment process is meant to be done until completion of the program. While recovery is lifelong, the treatment phase is very important for someone struggling with addiction.

Someone may feel that rehab is just too hard for them. The truth is, rehab will not always be a walk in the park. Drug and alcohol rehab programs that challenge their patients to reach past their comfort zone are the most beneficial, as they help the person to learn and grow. These challenges may seem overwhelming at first and can cause a person to distrust the process. They may discharge themselves without ever consulting friends, family, or a counselor.

A patient may also think that they already possess the tools needed in order to overcome their addiction on their own. Although a patient may feel this way, studies have shown that those who leave early may have more difficulty maintaining long-term sobriety. High-quality treatment centers will often tweak certain aspects of the program in order to create a unique plan for the individual. There is no one treatment program that fits everyone. Leaving early can cause someone to miss out on valuable information and puts their health at risk.

You Could Experience Dangerous Health Consequences

Deciding to leave the rehabilitation process early can harm both your body and mind. This is especially true if someone chooses to leave during the detox stage. This can sometimes be the toughest milestone to complete, but is one of the most rewarding. Those who do not complete their detox in a medically supervised environment, risk letting life-threatening symptoms go unchecked and may have a very uncomfortable experience due to withdrawal. This could include a person experiencing a heart attack, stroke, seizures, or even death.

Detoxing as part of a rehab program can provide a person with a safe environment with healthcares monitoring for any signs of concern. This also means that you will have someone to go to if you are experiencing any pain or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Often, healthcare professionals will be able to prescribe you medicine to help make the process more comfortable.

The most severe, yet very possible, health outcomes that could result from leaving rehab early are relapse, overdose, and even death. A person experiencing painful withdrawal symptoms without medical assistance may feel very overwhelmed and relapse. This relapse may provide them with temporary relief, but it could lead to an overdose because the body has gone through a period of detox. Someone may also face mental health barriers as a result of not completing the program.

You May Never Fully Mentally Heal

Rehab provides those who enter the program with valuable tools for not only managing their addiction, but also for succeeding in life. These tools include goal setting, coping skills, emotional management, and how to create a healthy life. Important information is given out every day at rehab. Leaving early, could mean that you miss out on obtaining these valuable skills and may not learn how to properly manage your disease.

Not being able to implement the proper coping skills due to leaving early could prove to be very dangerous. Coping skills allow a person to be able to manage their emotions without the use of drugs or alcohol. Not learning how to handle situations without reverting back to drugs or alcohol could lead to experiencing mental health issues and even relapse.

Benefits of Rehab

The benefits of enrolling in a rehab program and seeing it to completion are seemingly endless.These programs are designed to help an individual find a healthier and happier life that does not rely on drugs or alcohol. The most beneficial programs are those that are holistic, focusing on more than just the addiction.

Benefits could include increased mental and physical health. Eliminating drugs and alcohol from the picture will allow both your body and mind the ability to heal. You will also be able to begin mending relationships with friends and family members. During the treatment process, you will likely talk about your future and set goals to help yourself get there. You will gain a newfound sense of confidence because you will have a support system backing you up. You will find that your life is much more positive without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Recovery is a Lifelong Process

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction does not happen overnight and is a lifelong process. Rehabilitation is one step in this journey, but is necessary in order to be met with success. If you or a loved one is considering discharging themselves from their rehab program, try talking to someone at the treatment center first. Reach out to a healthcare professional, such as a therapist, counselor, or group leader. They can help you address what the primary problems are and you can both come up with a positive solution together.

The professionals at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center believe in a holistic approach as part of their treatment programs. This means that they will not only help you to mend from the symptoms associated with the disease, but also every facet of your life. You will feel confident that the healthcare professionals at AARC strive to provide the highest quality of care in a supportive and safe environment. Call today to learn more about their unique treatment programs.