alcohol treatment center Arizona

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alcohol treatment center Arizona

Alcohol consumption is part of social behavior. Alcoholism, however, is not; it is a mental disorder, promoting a variety of health risks. If you manifest symptoms of withdrawal, you need to contact us, at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center (AARC) immediately. No matter the stage of your addiction, we have a solution to your problem, but first, you need to acknowledge the problem, to begin with.

Our alcohol treatment center in Arizona provides you with a comprehensive rehab treatment that’s unlike any other you’ve experienced. Compared to other institutions, we have a different take on the rehabilitation strategy. We never rely on one-hit treatments but, instead, we use a variety of procedures and different approaches. Our treatment strategy uses:

Short and long-term recovery

Aside from stabilizing your condition, we’re also preoccupied with your long-term wellbeing. An alcohol rehab treatment that doesn’t focus on the aftercare process will fail to deliver consistent results. Our inpatient program relies on control and constant supervision, and it’s the most effective type of rehab. It allows our specialists to record your progress and change the program whenever necessary.

The outpatient alcohol rehab program includes the notion of aftercare. Now you no longer require hospitalization, since your condition is already stabilized. We will now be focusing on the long-term recovery, looking to prevent the relapse in the near and distant future. The relapse is common in most cases of drug and alcohol addiction, especially in the first phase of the rehab process.

But with a real and effective strategy in place, we can minimize the risk of relapse in the long run. And remaining sober and active through the years will allow you to change your life around dramatically.

A variety of approaches

We believe that the concept of the golden bullet is not only useless but also dangerous when it comes to alcohol rehab. At our alcohol treatment center in Arizona, we use a complex rehab system that relies on multiple programs like:

  • First Responder and Federal Employee Rehab Program

  • Intervention and Family Guidance

  • Medical Detoxification

  • Family Therapy and Recovery Support

  • Life and Recovery Coaching

  • Aftercare and Alumni

All these programs combine to help you recover, remain sober over the years, and change your life completely. You can find out more about our rehab program if you check our website. You can also call us for an introductory chat if you want to talk to someone.

Emotional and spiritual support

Everybody needs a shoulder to lean on, especially people with substance addiction problems. We want to help you socialize with the other patients, share your stories, and support one another through the rehab process. This makes our alcohol treatment center in Arizona a place you can call home. Join our big family, make friends, and learn how beautiful and exhilarating life can be!

At Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, we bring people together, and we teach them the value of friendship, freedom, and happiness. This is your chance at a brighter, happier future!

alcohol treatment center Arizona
Arizona Addiction Recovery Center
alcohol treatment center Arizona
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alcohol treatment center Arizona alcohol treatment center Arizona alcohol treatment center Arizona alcohol treatment center Arizona


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