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Welcome to Arizona Addiction Recovery Center.

Whether you live here in the Scottsdale, AZ region or elsewhere nationwide, what we offer is a unique approach to addiction treatment recovery. Our success rate has proven, time and again, that attaining long-term sobriety is what we’re all about. At AARC, the program of treatment isn’t merely a detox program or a residential drug rehab center, it’s a comprehensive treatment program that overcomes addiction while setting you up for major success in life. We understand you may be short on hope right about now, we know what it’s like and we’ve experienced it from all angles. At Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, despair and hopelessness are quickly overcome by a reinvigorated desire to live without the use of drugs and alcohol, while also shooting for the stars and attaining real life goals that normal, healthy adults should aspire to attain, whatever those goals may be… Are you ready for lasting change and quality sobriety?

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Effective, Long-Lasting Treatment

AARC in Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ is owned and operated by SRC – providing full scope addiction treatment, from intervention to residential/inpatient drug rehab, sober living and more!

Programs for Young Adults

Programs for Young Adults

A special drug rehab program designed for young adults, 18-35. Focusing on re-building your life, career and family, as well as promoting healthy living skills while in active recovery from addiction.

A Program for Older Adults (35+)

A Program for Older Adults (35+)

For more mature adults, generally ages 35+, AARC provides specialty addiction, & mental health treatment that focuses on the needs inherent to this demographic

Patient Testimonials

I can sincerely say that I’ve never experienced such an awesome way to get sober and learn how to live and enjoy life without the use of drugs. Thank you everyone!


Phoenix, AZ

My son was here for 6 weeks and the changes I’ve noticed in him are astounding. He’s now back in college and our family is as wonderful as ever…thank you to Chris and Alex, you guys are wonderful!!!



Mesa, AZ

A client of mine was struggling with heroin addiction. He went through residential treatment here for 3 months and today I must say that I have been truly impressed. I definitely recommend AARC!



Scottsdale, AZ

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