Using Medica Insurance for Addiction Treatment

For people that are suffering from addiction, cutting cold turkey doesn’t always work, that’s why rehabilitation centers offer addiction treatment to ensure long-term sobriety. However, these programs can be pricey for most people and many of them end up having to pay out of pocket. Clearly, this is not ideal for most people and this could be a good explanation as to why many people looking to get treated end up trying to recover on their own. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if the person’s addiction is severe. If the addiction is severe enough, the person could experience severe withdrawal symptoms and even relapse. This is a scary reality that many addicts have to face, but we have good news! For those who have an insurance plan with Medica Insurance, many addiction treatment options are covered under your plan. The behavioral health benefits cover addiction treatment for people looking for it. Through addiction treatment, a person can learn to rebuild what has been broken through addiction.

Medica Insurance

Medica Insurance is an insurance provider that offers plans for people living in states across the U.S., most relevantly, Arizona. Medica Insurance has plans that are suited to fit an individual or an individual family’s needs. What we are here to discuss is the fact that all plans under Medica Insurance cover behavioral health services, like addiction recovery treatment.

Medica Insurance Plans Options

Medica Insurance has plans that differ based on what an individual or a family needs and where they are located in the U.S. Coverage varies significantly between these plans’ tiers and they are separated into three different tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Copays and deductibles vary across the board as well, but all these plans offer some coverage for addiction treatment services. This is great for those people seeking addiction recovery treatment that would otherwise not be able to afford it on their own. This way, they can get some of their expenses covered, making recovery more possible! 

What Services Are Covered? 

As we’ve mentioned previously, Medica Insurance offers assisted coverage for addiction recovery services, which may otherwise be difficult to get in other insurance companies. Let’s discuss which addiction services are and are not covered under Medica Insurance plans at Arizona recovery centers:

  1. Medical Detox: For anyone looking to go through addiction recovery, the very first step that is needed is detox. This is a process in which a person rids their body of the toxins (drugs, alcohol, etc.) they have put in it. It’s much more than just abstaining from substances for a month, it’s an intense process where you need to deal with withdrawal and learn to fight against those toxins. In addiction centers, medical detox makes this process a bit easier for people in recovery. It allows the person to comfortably recover, deal with withdrawal, and come out of detox with a strong foundation for recovery. Medical professionals are able to offer guidance, assistance, and medications for the people that go through detox, allowing for a more comfortable detox experience. Medica Insurance offers coverage for medical detox processes and places like Scottsdale Detox offer excellent, Medica Insurance covered detox programs.
  2. Inpatient Rehab: For those of you looking for inpatient rehabilitation in Arizona facilities, Medica Insurance offers coverage for services like this as well! Rehab centers like Soberliving AZ, Scottsdale Recovery Center, and Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers accept Medica insurance. For inpatient rehabilitation, patients are admitted into a rehab facility and continue living in the facility until fully recovered or until they can no longer afford it. For those that financially struggle to meet payment dues, facilities like these will arrange payment options to better suit your financial status. Inpatient programs are created to give residents a sense of belonging and comfort while they go through this tough recovery process. These programs offer therapy, activities, and meals to create a more comfortable environment for the patients.
  3. Outpatient Rehab: Yes! Most Medica plans cover outpatient treatment programs. Places like SRC and AARC offer intensive outpatient programs that give a patient a more privatized and individual recovery experience. An outpatient program allows the patient to live their normal life while also attending therapy sessions and other program activities to ensure long-term sobriety. This sort of program option is best for those who have full-time jobs or families that they need to tend to on a regular basis. Payment options are also available for treatments like these, use the insurance verification tool here to see what payments might look like.
  4. Sober Living Homes: Rehab centers like Soberliving AZ offer plans for sober living homes, but unfortunately these are not covered under Medica Insurance plans. These homes do offer comfortable, private, drug-free, controlled, and effective housing for an individual in recovery but they are not covered under Medica’s behavioral health benefits. If you do decide to use one of these sober living homes, you may have to pay out of pocket since Medica Insurance does not cover this kind of recovery service.

Step by Step Instructions to Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers That Accept Medica

1) Contact AARC for a quick confirmation of your benefits. We have three different programs you can choose from in the Scottsdale and Phoenix regions. Scottsdale Recovery Center, Soberliving AZ, and Arizona Addiction. For our Detox Facility in Scottsdale, we operate Scottsdale Detox. Call us today and we can respond to inquiries concerning coverage for addiction treatment.

2.) The second step in utilizing your Medica insurance is identifying what type of plan you have. This can be done by looking at your insurance card or contacting a representative from Medica Insurance to determine your individual and exact plan level. Once we have determined your plan type and policy, you can browse Medica’s comprehensive database of treatment providers to locate an appropriate rehab facility in your state that best suits your budget and care requirements. Medica works with a variety of groups and employer networks across the country including Arizona and Illinois, so it’s helpful to consult a representative that can point you or your loved one in the right direction.