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Mac Miller – Understanding Addiction and Mental Health

Mac Miller’s death has created waves among all types of communities: his family, celebrities and his circle of close friends, admiring fans, and those involved in the legal battle regarding opioids and other prescription drugs. The Big Picture Before touching on the...

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4 Psychedelic Drugs That Could Treat Mental Health Disorders

Laws in the United States and other countries have made it difficult for scientists to study the effects that psychedelic drugs have on the human mind. The research that has been done, however, suggests that some of these substances could treat mental health disorders...

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Clearing Up the Negative Stigma Around Addiction and Addicts

In a study done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), there are over 21 million adults (over the age of 12) in America who have a substance abuse disorder. This survey was done in 2014, and the numbers continue to grow. With that magnitude of those...

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College Behavior with Lasting Effects: Binge Drinking

If you watch popular movies and TV shows, they easily give the impression that college is all about getting drunk and staying out until the sun comes up. It looks like every night is one big party, and the fun activities all involve alcohol consumption. It seems like...

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5 Benefits of Long-term Life Support

Sobriety isn't a short term fix. Even after completing a drug rehabilitation treatment program, you will still need ongoing support from loved ones around you as well as therapists and medical professionals. Many stressful situations you didn't expect may occur, and...

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Five Warning Signs of Addiction

Many substance users have a difficult time realizing that they have crossed the line between normal substance use to addiction. Usage is easily reasoned away because of special occasions, or stressful days, so some struggle to realize that they've grown addicted to...

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Overcoming Addiction When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

Overcoming a drug addiction can be hard for someone to do. If you are struggling from a drug addiction and have recently found out that you are pregnant, you need to do whatever it takes to get off of the drugs right away. Pregnancy in addicts is not uncommon, as...

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Stars Who Struggle: Celebrities Can Be Addicts, Too

What's better than being a well-known celebrity? You have fame, fortune, fans, and anything you could possibly want at your fingertips. However, for celebrities that struggle with addiction, that last part also means that their drug of choice is readily available...

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Five Signs Your Loved One May Have a Gambling Addiction

People tend to think of addicts as people who are hooked on some type of drug or substance. Only in the last 10 years has the idea that someone could become addicted to a habit been received as possible. Gambling addictions and drug addictions are similar in many...

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Understanding the Long-Term Impact a DUI Can Have on Your Life

“I’ll drive, I’m only going to have one drink”. Drinking and driving can be a very dangerous combination. While under the influence of any substance, it isn’t smart to operate a vehicle or convince yourself you’re capable of doing so. Many people drink and drive...

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