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Help for Cocaine Relapse Found in Obesity Drug

People who struggle with weight gain or obesity know the benefits of wearing clothing with thin, vertical, white lines. The effect is slimming. But for those who are fighting cocaine addiction or the urge to break sustained recovery, the very term white lines can be...

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The Painfully Slow, Nasty Way Alcohol Breaks Family

When you indulge in the ongoing overconsumption of alcohol, you are not only subjecting yourself to a chronic problem but also exposing your family, colleagues and other people around you to avoidable stress, unnecessary drama and a host of serious problems....

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7 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Stay Sober in Arizona

It’s not every year that Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday. But for 2018 it does, making the opportunity for celebrating the Mexican army’s victory over France (Battle of Puebla, 1862) more lively. The holiday isn’t just for those with family history tied to the...

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GHB, KnoNap, Roofies and the Risks of Dating

It usually starts innocently. You decide to meet up with your friends after work or on the weekend for some laughs and libations. Maybe you’ve virtually met someone on an online dating service and it’s time for that first face-to-face. So, you head to your favorite...

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Blunt Truth – Marijuana Ingredient Helps Addicts Stay Clean

One would think that with the easing up on marijuana law (per individual U.S. State), public sentiment about cannabis use would lighten (pun intended). It depends upon the social circles and the accepted traditions and practices. Perceptions vary because facts remain...

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Addicted and Pregnant in Arizona and How to Survive

Many women have the opportunity to plan their pregnancies. For those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, looking into the future as a mother-to-be is masked by the cycle of withdrawal and the desperate need for the next high. But this isn’t just about the adult...

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The Truth About Pain Relief and Opioid Myths, Uncovered

The Truth About Pain Relief and Opioid Myths Uncovered Nothing can be more painful (literally and figuratively) than living with chronic pain, desperately searching for an answer to get rid of it only to experience increasing levels of pain. If you’re experiencing...

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Binge Drinking, Memory and Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

When most people hear the term binge drinking, a visual of a young, carefree, 20-something year old likely comes to mind or a memory of your former self of days gone by. Though according to many recent studies, there is an uptick in binge drinking in older American...

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Why Women Ignore Benzo Addiction and the Stigma Behind It

Put on your thinking cap for this one because I’ll be throwing a lot of information your way that will be disheartening though necessary. As this article unfolds, you’ll find that it’s a logical progression of how, as women, we have come to perceive ourselves as...

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