All You Need to Know about K2: Addiction, Abuse, and Treatment

K2 Addiction

What is K2?

K2, also known as spice or synthetic marijuana, is an herbal substance that is chemically modified to produce mind-altering effects, similar to or perhaps even more potent than marijuana. The chemicals in K2 are manufactured to mimic the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive component of marijuana.

While people usually smoke this substance, it can also be consumed through foods and drinks. Sold at local shops, gas stations, and online, this drug is thought to be a safe alternative for marijuana by many – however, it is far, far from that.

Like any other drug, K2 is dangerous and can prove fatal if you’re not careful with its usage. In the United States, people are self-medicating for several different reasons, failing to understand the risks that come with its overdose and addiction. There have been mass overdoses going on at the east coast. You may be surprised to hear that more than 90 people overdosed on K2 in a park in New Haven last month.

Warning Signs of K2 Abuse

Treatment for K2 AbuseK2 has powerful mood and mind-altering properties that tend to change the user’s personality. When an individual abuses this drug, s/he loses contact with reality – and may remain in this state even after the drug has left the body.

The following signs indicate that an individual is addicted to and abusing K2.

  • Severe agitation
  • Red eyes
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Racing heart rate and/ or elevated blood pressure levels
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Panic attacks
  • Hallucinations
  • Poor memory
  • Paranoia
  • Kidney damage
  • Shaking
  • Behavioral changes
  • Numbness or paralysis in extremities
  • A change in friends circle

K2 abuse and addiction may lead to renal failure, heart palpitations, extreme dehydration, and even death. It is important to understand that it is NOT safe for you to abuse this substance just because it is synthetic and sold legally.

K2 Addiction Treatment

Understanding Your State of Addiction

Accepting that you are addicted to the drug is the first step in treating K2 addiction.

If you notice someone around you exhibiting any of the aforementioned warning signs of K2 abuse, consider confronting them with patience and help them realize they have a problem with a caring attitude.

The Detoxification Process

The next step is detoxifying your body of the drug. Considering the fact that K2 is highly addictive, you would want to choose the best rehabilitation center for your treatment. The detoxification process aims to safely eliminate all toxins from the body and prepare you for the addiction treatment.

Without professional help from a drug rehab center and a successful detoxification process, your risk of giving in to drug cravings and returning to compulsive drug-seeking behavior remains high.

After continued use of a drug like K2, it is impossible to halt use immediately. K2 addiction takes hold of both your mind and your body – and this is exactly what the detoxification process aims to combat. When you suddenly stop using the substance, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of K2 Withdrawal

After regular use of K2, chances are your mind and body have become addicted to the drug. If you suddenly stop using the drug, you are likely to experience some withdrawal symptoms, which are primarily psychological in nature. These include:

  • Strong cravings for K2
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure levels
  • Nightmares
  • Headaches
  • Racing heartbeat

If you think you can fight against these withdrawal symptoms on your own at home, think again! Getting professional help is crucial to overcoming K2 addiction and getting treated for good.

Getting Addiction Treatment at a Rehabilitation Center

Perhaps the best method of K2 addiction treatment is to stay at a rehabilitation center. The best facilities usually recommend joining and staying in a drug rehab program for at least 90 days. This stay would ensure that you go through the withdrawal process successfully, which may sometimes take up to weeks, and benefit fully from the therapeutic process.

During the detoxification phase, the medical health professionals may advise taking some prescription drugs to deal with the withdrawal side effects effectively. Throughout your stay at a rehab center, the addiction recovery team will keep you under observation and track your progress.

Effective K2 addiction treatment at a rehab center also tends to include the opportunity to benefit from different support groups, therapy sessions, and treatment programs.

The treatment programs aim to help the addicts recover as a group, helping each other throughout the rehab process. When it comes to drug addictions, there is always an underlying issue reinforcing the negative behavior. The treatment programs at rehab centers focus on addressing those root causes to ensure a successful treatment and lifelong sobriety.

As long as you put in your honest efforts and you have the support you need to recover from addiction, the treatment process may go smoothly for you, igniting new hope for an addiction-free life ahead.

Maintaining Sobriety After Addiction Treatment

Although a drug rehabilitation center with all proper tools and resources ensures a successful detoxification and treatment process, your recovery does not end there. After leaving the rehab center, you need to continue with your efforts and get constant support from your family and friends to ensure long-term recovery. With a strong will and ideal social support, even the most severe of addicts can achieve and maintain sobriety.

K2 Addiction Treatment at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center

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