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Why is Arizona Addiction Recovery Center so successful at what it does?

It’s no secret that the key to quality, long-term sobriety is based entirely on creating strong recovery foundations that can withstand the day to day hurdles of life. What might otherwise seem to be a trivial event for a non drug addict could actually become the catalyst to eventual relapse for the newly sober addict or alcoholic. Add to this the elements of, lack of focus, inability to set and achieve goals, insufficient acumen for life skills and awareness and so on, and the likelihood for relapse increases all the much further. The revolving door of drug rehab is largely based on the fact that sobriety cannot compete with active drug addiction; it’s just a hard and true reality that loved ones must face. When a recovery program misses this point it inevitably sets the stage for relapse. So with that in mind, why do most treatment centers continue utilizing static approaches that are proven to fail more often than not?

When AARC first launched its Scottsdale, AZ Residential Treatment Center, the objective was 3-fold.

With those elements in mind, we welcome you to Arizona Addiction Recovery Center – a leader in effective addiction treatment for young adults throughout the Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ region. Our services consist of everything from Intervention to Medical Detox Referrals, to Residential/Inpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Rehab, Sober Living, Aftercare, Case Management and MAT Services (Suboxone, Subutuex, Vivitrol.) In providing this vast array of recovery services, often referred to as a Full Continuum of Care, we take a much more integrative approach: we go far beyond the treatment process itself and actually prepare the individual for lifelong success on multiple levels.

We believe, and experience clearly shows, that those of whom are well rounded and moving forward in their lives are more likely to remain on course when it comes to sobriety. In fact, over the years we have tracked a substantially higher than normal success rate among those who have completed our Inpatient Treatment Programs. This is because we absolutely believe in integrating numerous added components into the treatment process, which are discussed in greater depth on our addiction treatment services page.

For those with PPO health insurance, we invite you to complete our convenient Insurance Verification form below. For those without insurance, rest assured that as Scottsdale, Arizona’s leading Addiction Treatment Center, we wholeheartedly believe in the importance of remaining as affordable as possible. To date, we have yet to encounter another residential drug rehab center, whether here in Arizona or anywhere across the nation, that offers our level of effectiveness while charging anywhere near our rates!


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