Medical Detox

Medical Detox Scottsdale Arizona

Medical Detox Scottsdale, Arizona

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center utilizes Scottsdale Recovery and Detox Center’s Facility for in-house medical detox. After our patients are properly detoxed, they enter our Residential Treatment Facility or PHP Program. We provide transportation to and from the detox facility, as well as visitations from our staff members to make you feel comfortable before entering into our program.

Roughly 1 out of 3 new patients at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center will require some type of initial medical detoxification.

With the growing nationwide epidemic of heroin and narcotic pain pills, coupled with AARC’s primary focus being on those 18-35 or 35+ age groups, many medical detox clients are able to benefit from our Scottsdale Arizona based medical detox facility. Unfortunately, many treatment centers throughout Arizona, and nationwide for that matter, tend to over prescribe and under monitor the important tapering element necessary for long-term success with such medical detox therapies.

Medical Detox for the purpose of achieving long-term sobriety

The vast majority of drug addicts or alcoholics that enter detox without subsequent treatment, will quickly return to active addiction, be it drugs or alcohol. However, the numbers substantially improve among those willing to immediately transition straight into residential or outpatient rehab.

When it comes specifically to young adults, it is critically important to not only add a certain level of appeal to the process, but to also blend it within the unique young adult mindset. Moreover, it is important to provide a combination of both medical and holistic detox services, which ultimately enables the patient to benefit from a more well rounded recovery experience. Addiction and alcohol detox includes a variety of elements, such as:

The ultimate objective in our medical detox program is to do all we can to help ensure you are never again in this situation. This brief process, while critically important, is typically a short amount of time and can provide the patient with a wonderful launching point into long-term, high quality sobriety. We see it happen every single day…a young adult with little or no hope all of a sudden begins to experience a new way of thinking, being and ultimately, living!


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