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Whenever we speak with a prospective new client or loved one over the phone, we always stress the importance of reading reviews & testimonials from prior patients and their loved ones. The treatment process from drug addiction or alcoholism is very personal in nature, and therefore must truly be customized to meet the needs of each individual client. Regardless of which type of drug rehab environment he or she may decide upon, it is critical to read and listen to the testimonials of prior clients and their families as a means for gaining insight into their own personal accounts.

AARC is extremely proud as we continue to receive ongoing testimonials from many of our prior clients, their families and various addiction treatment professionals from around the nation. To our staff, there is no greater barometer for success than to witness firsthand the ongoing success in sobriety among our alumni! We sincerely thank each and everyone of them for sharing their experiences at AARC and will continue to be here for them as a continuous support tool for their ongoing journey in recovery…


“Our son Trevis arrived here as broken as could be, this must’ve been his 5th or 6th trip to a drug rehab center over the past 5 or 6 years. We flew him here because we had heard about Arizona having a great recovery community, but more importantly because AARC provided more than just drug treatment – he needed to really work on his life skills and learn to set himself up for success. It’s now been 9 months and the difference his father and I have seen is absolutely unbelievable! He actually enjoys life for the first time in a very, very long time. I am incredibly thrilled and grateful to Arizona Addiction Recovery Center for the personal care and attention they gave Trevis. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”


~ Emily Mussgrove | Denver, CO (Trevis’ Mother)


“Hello, my name is Doug I am currently twenty-six years old and have been struggling with addiction since the age of fourteen. While my life has been anything but perfect, I can say that my stay at Scottsdale Recovery/AARC was by far the best choice I’ve ever made! I came to Scottsdale Recovery because I knew I needed a solid, passionate and structured treatment program in order for me to maintain my sobriety. My experience was amazing in every way, the staff treated me with all the respect in the world and worked with me on a personal level. Comparatively, my past programs could never compare to what I have experienced here. The groups allowed me to receive professional therapy & coaching from amazing counselors and therapists, as well as my peers! Never once did I feel afraid to share my problems and because of that I was able to overcome obstacles that have hindered my recovery in the past. Scottsdale Recovery offers many beneficial services for recovery, including Yoga, Meditation, Gym time and a group outing at the end of each week. Today I’m sober and living a great life, while still in close contact with Scottsdale Recovery Center and the AARC staff, which I call my second home. For those of you that are considering taking a step in the right direction, Scottsdale Recovery Center/AARC is the place.”


~ Doug L. | Phoenix, AZ (Program Graduate)


“Dear Liza, Chris and Alex, I can’t begin to express to you my appreciation for the care and compassion you have given our son. You have gone above and beyond for him and I don’t know how to thank you enough. This year has been so difficult for us, and at times I am overwhelmed with so many emotions. It’s such a comfort knowing how much you care for him. Knowing you listen to him with a patient ear, a loving heart, and a compassionate soul. You can see through to who our son truly is, and because of you guys and Scottsdale Recovery Center, he is back to the son I know and love. He truly cares for you guys and has immense respect for you, as do his father and I. Thank you Scottsdale Recovery Center & AARC, We love you guys!”


~ Lisa & Scott B. | Tempe, AZ (Client’s Parents)


“Having worked in the addiction treatment industry for over 35 years, I have utilized the services of many residential drug rehab programs for a number of my private clients. Be it here in Arizona or elsewhere around the nation, rarely had I ever worked with a facility that took the time to really condition and prepare their treatment clients for long-term success. While so many recovery programs would charge enormous rates and simultaneously focus on secondary matters rather than the primary issues, SRC and AARC would always rise to the occasion. The level to which this staff and program has impressed me is truly second to none!”


~ James Winstead | Phoenix, AZ (Retired Therapist)

The testimonials above are but only a few of the many received over the years. We always invite you to check back as we continuously add more onto this page. The staff at Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers wishes to sincerely thank each and everyone who takes the time to share their stories of hope and success as a result of our programs!


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