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Residential addiction treatment and inpatient drug rehab in Phoenix ArizonaThe terms are commonly interchangeable; some call it residential addiction treatment while others might refer to it as an inpatient drug rehab center. Here at AARC’s Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona treatment facilities, we offer a number of affordable and highly effective inpatient rehab options that extend anywhere from 30 days to as much as 6 or even 9 months. Our clients are most commonly comprised of young adults 18-35 and those in the 35+ age group, and in many cases are suffering from major addictions to more than just one substance.

When patients come to us for help with substance abuse issues, we understand the complexities involved when it comes to laying out a plan of attack that will best serve their long-term recovery interests. A key consideration that is often overlooked by many drug rehab centers is, that young adults tend to have less bad history or pain in their recent past, resulting from their addiction/alcoholism, and thus tend to have more difficulty in wholeheartedly committing themselves to a recovery-type lifestyle. We know this, and we know the many variables that play into this frame of thinking, and the programs at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center have been specially designed with these realities in mind.

Why is addiction treatment at AARC more effective for young adults?

  • We focus on creating sobriety-based needs that are more applicable to this age group
  • We integrate certain life coaching elements into the core recovery program that promote a greater sense of inner success, thereby further solidifying their recovery
  • We place emphasis and broaden the scope for fun and enjoyment in their sober lives
  • We provide a thriving alumni community for ongoing support, events, parties, meetings, etc.
  • We view each patient uniquely and strive to resolve all underlying issues contributing to their addictive patterns
  • At AARC, sobriety is “cool” and “recovery” is fun!

Clients and their families experience something quite unique here at AARC. Many of them have been to some type of drug rehab center in the past, both here in Phoenix/Scottsdale as well as elsewhere around the country, and many of their experiences were not nearly effective to the point where true change had set in. Consequently, many such clients are in great need of a new found sense of hope, and we recognize the importance of providing a level of hope that is able to be manifested into quantifiable and practical tools for achieving long-term sobriety.

Residential addiction treatment at AARC is geared specifically for young adults ages 18-35 and those who are 35+. If this approach matches yours or your loved one’s needs, then we highly encourage you to give us a call at (888) 512-1705 or send us an inquiry using the contact form at the bottom of this page. For those with PPO health insurance, we also invite you to speed things up by submitting your information via our health insurance verification form


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Phoenix Tempe, AZ residential drug rehab for teens and young adults

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Inpatient & Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Younger Adults
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Inpatient & Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Younger Adults
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AARC | Arizona Addiction Recovery Center,
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Arizona Addiction Recovery Center provides multiple drug rehabs and treatment facility locations through Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ for younger adults in their 20's, 30'sw and 40's.