Celebrities Who Have Suffered From Addiction

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Substance abuse disorder has become a global problem and due to the complexity of this disease, complete treatment of this condition is often difficult to accomplish. This disorder can affect anyone irrespective of their gender, race, or background. Also, since there is a lot of stigma around addiction, those suffering are often isolated and neglected by others. The disease insights a feeling of shame when the patient suffers from the negative effects and the cravings it has on their life. However, every single person who suffers from addiction can feel that their experience with this disorder is unique. While it is true to some extent, it doesn’t mean that you are the only one who is affected by this disease. People from anywhere, of any gender, and of any type can develop an addiction. Even the celebrities that we see on screen, such as film stars, sportspersons, singers, etc., secretly deals with addiction. Many of them have accepted their condition and have been brave enough to openly talk about it.

If the disease makes you feel like you are the only one battling this in your life, here are 8 celebrities who have dealt with, or are dealing with addiction.

Demi Lovato

The singer and actress suffered from substance abuse disorder and various mental health issues in her twenties. She has been quite open about her addiction and has always kept her fans aware of her situation through social media. Demi Lovato, in July 2018, overdosed and had to be revived using an anti-opioid overdose medication.

She has also talked about how her disorder has impacted her bipolar disorder and unusual eating patterns. The pop singer has had her struggle with addiction, as she relapsed after six years of attaining sobriety last year. Even then, she’s committed to taking back her life and achieving long-term sobriety.

Robert Downey Jr.

The celebrity who rose from the ashes and revived his career to receive exceptional success. Robert Downey Jr. is globally known for portraying Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, before he started his journey in the MCU, the actor was under a huge influence on drug abuse. He accepted that he used drugs before he was a teenager and spent his entire career under their influence.

Robert was also arrested in the late 1990s and early 2000s for abusing cocaine, alcohol, and heroin. He spent his time in a California prison and also a rehab facility. However, it was the year 2002 that he announced his recovery, and the year 2008 brought life to his career after Marvel starred him as Iron Man.

Ben Affleck

Affleck, well known for winning Academy Awards for Good Will Hunting and Argo, and also portraying Batman in the DC movies, has also suffered the wrath or alcohol addiction. The celebrity went to rehab in 2001 to get past his drinking issues, however, it is said that he still battles gambling addiction and alcoholism today.

He called the fight with addiction a “lifelong and difficult struggle”. In the year 2018, Affleck stayed in one of the treatment centers and said that getting help if you have a problem, reflects our courage. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness.

Justin Bieber

After years of making headlines for his bad behavior and substance abuse, Justin Bieber started his recovery journey in 2014. The pop singer admitted that his drug abuse got pretty dark. He also said that he had a problem with sex, and suffered from depression while touring for his concerts. Bieber said that he used Xanax because he was ashamed.

While he was going through detox, Justin now admits that he has now developed a socially responsible behavior towards drinking, but has completely avoided narcotics ever since.

Drew Barrymore

Coming from a famous, troubled, and an acting family, Drew Barrymore was only six years old when the movie E.T. launched her career. She further accepted that she was only nine years old when she started drinking, before quickly moving forward to cocaine and marijuana. Drew made it to headlines in 1989 after joining a rehab at just 13 years old and announcing that she was suffering from addiction.

She further spent her teenage years trying to overcome her addictive traits and eventually enjoyed success as a producer and a sober actress.

Carrie Fisher

You probably know her as Princess Leia in Star Wars, but Carrie Fisher was also a writer and a stand-up comedian. The celebrity admitted that she had her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction for years. Although she was able to obtain sobriety at the age of 29 years, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder the next year.

Before her death in 2016, she went on to become a stand-up comedian and a prolific writer. After her death, substances like cocaine, methadone, heroin, alcohol, ecstasy, and other opiates were found in her system. However, it was not sure that these were the cause of her death.

Russel Brand

Russel Brand had many problems with addiction during his teenage years. He had been using drugs and alcohol during his teenage years and was also treated for depression. Russel also said that he had an eating disorder, and was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder.

This didn’t stop the British comedian from moving on in his life. He started his journey to recovery in 2002 and has also raised money for drug and treatment programs. Russel has also advocated for better mental health resources and has always supported the idea to seek medical help in cases of addiction.

Bradley Cooper

It wasn’t all flowery for the actor earlier in his career. Although he has been nominated for numerous Academy Awards, he has had his time of struggles. Years of alcohol and drug abuse threatened to ruin his life and career, however, in the year 2004 was when the actor decided to quit using. Since then, the actor became one of the most successful and well-respected men in Hollywood.


Addiction is a disease that has been stigmatized for decades now. And even though the misconceptions are slowly reducing, there are people who are fearful to talk about this disorder and seek help. For them, these celebrities can act as a ray of hope. These celebrities have had their struggles, and have fought their way through everything to not only come out clean but also achieve success in their careers. If they can, why can’t you?