How to Effectively Build & Design a Drug Treatment Facility for the Best Client Experience Ever!

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How to effectively build & design a drug treatment facility

Drug addiction treatment is more than strictly following the recommended state licensing regulations for addiction treatment program Arizona. Various factors come into play that can significantly influence the recovery process, and one of them is the design of the treatment center. It is, therefore, safe to say that one of the factors you should consider when choosing a recovery center for yourself or a loved one is how the facility. Other than the medication and treatment, a recovering addict is required to be in a healing environment. For a drug addiction treatment center to effectively provide this, the following must be considered.

  1. The location of the facility

Some of the best drug addiction centers are located in isolated areas with human traffic. This is important because it helps recovering inpatient rehab recovery addicts to focus on their recovery program. Don’t forget that drug addiction cases are usually associated with mental illness and co-occuring disorders. For the mind to work properly, it does not need to be disturbed. Addiction treatment centers located in areas with high human traffic will always make sure that they completely shut out the outside world. That is why you will see them occupying a large property that is heavily fenced with the facility at the far end.

  1. Interior design

A rehab centers has to look and feel like the best drug rehab Scottsdale. The right ambiance needs to be created because it plays a major role in the recovery process if a patient. It is important to make sure that the right colors and decorations are used within the facility. There are some colors which are known to give one a piece of mind like the sky blue color. Other than combining the right colors, you can consider calming art works that will enhance concentration. The furniture should also be picked carefully. From seats and even the carpet, a rehab center needs to have all the right equipment installed in order to ensure that the patients are comfortable and enjoying their recovery.

  1. Layout

A good rehab treatment center has to have the right layout. There should be enough space that all the patients to move freely. Space is important because it makes the patients to feel free and makes it easy for them to focus on their recovery. When designing the layout, you will also want to ensure that the building design allows for enough natural light and air circulation. Natural lighting plays an important role in addiction recovery because is significantly reduces depression and dull mood.

The exterior layout should also be done properly. From the parking space to the yard, every space needs to be well designed and most importantly spacious. The landscaping should also be done by a professional who will pay attention to the details in order to create the perfect environment.  If you can fit a lake or pond in the available space the better since large water bodies create a relaxing atmosphere which are perfect for meditation.

  1. Extracurricular activities facilities

Sports are an important part of our health and for a recovering addict, it can be the perfect distraction for dealing with addiction. That is why, you will always find extracurricular activity facilities in many luxurious addiction treatment centers. Recovering addicts get to participate in their favorite activities without getting judged or stigmatized. Sports and games are important for both mental and physical development and that is why even the simplest rehab centers will incorporate sport activities for the interested patients. From when we were young, games were highly recommended and for adults, extracurricular activities can go a long way to ensure that you have a good physical and mental health. Facilities like swimming pools, football fields, pool tables and many more can never miss from a rehabilitation center.

  1. Technology

Technology has revolutionized every industry and for a rehab center, technology is important because it makes work easy for both patients and workers in a rehab centers. Technology can be useful in a rehab center because it can offer entertainment and even be used in administering a treatment. A drug rehab center that properly integrates technology in its facility has a better chance of creating a more comfortable environment for a recovering addict.


Designing a drug addiction facility should be done critically and with the help of someone who understands what can enhance the recovery process for the patients. No matter how good an addiction treatment program can be, it is important to acknowledge that the environmental factor plays a vital role in the recovery process. Drug rehab Arizona can help you get sober today, Call 1-888-512-1705 today. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center.