Wasp Spray. An Alternative To Methamphetamine.

wasp hotshots

Wasp hotshots are a new addition to the drug market and are illegal. The existence of wasp and hornet killers is not news, as they’ve been known for several years. But, this chemical is fast becoming a very dangerous novel method of getting high. Several individuals have found out that when one injects anti-wasp spray to the body, the high experience is similar to what a person gets from using methamphetamines. People are making a synthetic type of amphetamine out of wasp spray. On the streets, it is known as “wasping” and its emergence as a new drug trend raises concerns. Some users combine the wasp spray with meth while others get high on the spray itself, using it as a substitute to meth.

How Wasp Sprays Emerged as a Drug Trend

Hotshot is the brand name of a common wasp and hornet killer aerosol spray which is known to kill insects as soon as it touches them. Several incidents in the US  revealed the creation of concoctions with methamphetamines combined with the hotshot chemical bug sprays. Ironically, “wasp hotshot” is also a term used to refer to any form of narcotic which is injected into the blood for a rapid hit. Although the high will likely not last for a long time, its bodily damage can last throughout one’s lifetime, and can even cause death. According to law enforcement bodies, injecting wasp spray causes psychotic behavior. Monroe County Mission Sheriff, Cecil Cantrell, recalled his personal experiences while handling individuals who are influenced by wasp hotshots. “They’re ruined. Ruined for life… a person will stand at a jail cell door, slobber like a mad dog, wanting to fight.”

Wasp Spray Doses Provoke Violence

Just a few months ago, another scenario involving wasp spray was centered around an individual known as Danny Hollis. The man broke into his apartment after he had smoked a mixture of meth and bug spray. He caused a lot of damage inside his own house. At a point, he even tried to cut his own throat before his family. When the police got to him, he had already stripped himself naked and climbed on a tree. Nevertheless, when the effects of this drug died off, he could not remember anything about the incident.

Why are People Resorting to Wasp Hotshots?

Below are some of the reasons people get into the use/abuse of wasp sprays:

  • A need to cover existing mental illness.
  • An escape from tough realities.
  • A dare.
  • A method of numbing pain.
  • A quick fix.
  • It’s easy to buy. They can get it on the internet, probably order it on eBay or Amazon and get it delivered to their house.
  • It’s not illegal.
  • It doesn’t change drug test results so people can resort to this since they don’t want to get fount out, they happily ignore the risks and embrace the “high” wasp sprays provide.

The Director of Indiana Poison Center at IU Health, Dr. Daniel Rusyniak, says the biggest problem is how easily accessible bug spray is to anyone at any age.

Harmful Effects of Wasp Spray on Humans

Ingesting chemicals as deadly as wasp spray can and will change the chemical composition of your blood. Anything that kills wasps and hornets while they fly must be deadly for human consumption and can lead to disastrous health conditions

Some effects of using wasp sprays are:

  • Catatonic State
  • Inability to Walk
  • Inability to Breathe
  • Barely Able to Speak
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Severe Headache

Meth Use and Mental Health

Drug addicts look for an escape and reality for several reasons. It’s usually a case of mental health problems, which are pre-existing, but there can also be a decline in mental health following the onset of addiction. It is quite unfortunate that crystal meth and methamphetamine addictions arrive with a substantive detriment to mental and physical wellness. Due to the fact that these drugs are very addicting, it can take several months for adequate detoxification from them.

Over 20% of meth addicts who are recovering (for a minimum of six months) grow a form of psychosis-like schizophrenia, which doesn’t respond to treatment well.

The more the individual addicted to meth avoids treatment and continues to abuse the substance, the more life-altering damages they’ll experience. Ultimately, this will result in death.

Being addicted to meth can also result in a psychotic disorder like:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions

Individuals in the U.S., and all over the world, can lose all they have to substance abuse. The person who is addicted becomes so dependent on the drug that they lose every sense they have of themselves and their responsibility. Addiction does ruin not only the life of the addict but also the life of the people around the person.

A report came out recently that says poison control centers average 90,000 calls a year about exposure to pesticides. Over time, long-term exposure can cause nerve and organ damage, cancer and congenital disabilities. But those drug abusers who are desperate for a cheap fix are presumably not calling poison control, and they’re also probably not considering the risks. A great drug rehab in Scottsdale can help you with your addiction.

What can you do to guard yourself and your family?

This drug trend is far more widespread than we think. Instead of hoping none of our loved ones, especially teenagers, are involved, we need to take radical steps to make sure they aren’t. Parents must be extremely vigilant when it has to do with the activities and welfare of their children. Be in acquaintance with their friends, discuss with their teachers, and ensure that they are comfortable with telling you about their whereabouts. This also goes for friends and family. Be very mindful of the health state of the ones you love, and get in touch with them anytime you feel like.