Nation’s First Opioid Hotline Opens in AZ

The only way to overcome a crisis or danger is to get immediate help before the situation harms you in any manner. Drug addiction is indeed a crisis that the country is struggling with. As per the latest national survey, it is reported that 21.5 million Americans above the age of 12 are battling with substance abuse disorder.

The most effective way to curtail the dilemma of drug addiction is to open gateways that allow for strong communication. Many organizations tend to accentuate the fact that lack of education and awareness promote addiction, because victims are unable to get their problems addressed. If people knew about the repercussions associated with drug use, or had someone to talk to openly, they would be much less inclined to use in the first place.

This, however, does not work as effectively for the people who are already dealing with addiction. They have developed a long-term dependence on a substance and are afraid to discuss their problems because of the stigma attached to the disease.  So, what needs to be done in cases like these?

These people do not need awareness about the perils of addiction – they are victims of it already. They need the help that can get them back to a normal and healthy life. This can only happen if they have an outlet to reach out to the professionals who can assist them. There must be a way that the victims of drug abuse can share and discuss the problems they have: a way that allows them to keep their anonymity as well as get the help they very much need.

Such an initiative is being carried out in Arizona for people struggling with opioid abuse. A 24/7 operative hotline has been introduced that offers free guidance as well as references to health care providers for assistance with opioid addiction. This is the first helpline of its kind dedicated solely to opioids, which is important considering the fact that opioid addiction is becoming a huge concern for health care providers. This helpline is a productive step towards the prevention and control of addictive behavior, and is the result of a collaborative effort made by the Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center.

Launched in March 2018, the initiative has proven to be largely successful: there have been 1,200 calls received pertinent to opioid problems. According to their review, the service is designed to understand the problems and concerns of the callers, and address them in the best possible manner. The helpline assistants offer optimum guidance on how the addict is currently doing, what they can do to improve their situation, and where they can get the help they need. This service houses a combination of physicians, pharmacists, and genetic counselors who offer opioid-related information and resources to the public as well as to providers.

This indicates how productive such measures can be: they are effective in addressing the rising problem of opioid addiction. If executed across the country, this type of service can help curtail unaddressed health problems, providing information to those that have unintentionally misused prescribed opioids. This hotline makes sure to provide all the relevant details regarding the safe use of prescription opioid drugs. Assistants offers tips pertinent to prescribing limits, possible combinations that can go wrong, and additional medical treatment options for chronic pain.

Why Should You Call This Hotline?

The biggest obstruction faced by the people suffering from addiction is the fact that they are afraid of reaching out for help or being vocal about their addiction. This hotline ensures that all calls are confidential and the caller remains anonymous. So, if you are one of those who is afraid to speak openly about their addiction, this hotline is the solution for you.

It can help you understand the basics of your addiction without making you worry about your identity being disclosed. You can receive a highly professional evaluation from experts and talk about any and all things related to your addiction. Whether it be  the symptoms of developing an addiction, or a change in behavior after starting an opioid drug, you are given a thorough explanation about everything you need to know in regard to opioid addiction.

This hotline has operated as a gateway for the public to get their queries answered and erase the initial hesitation that exists between addicts and rehab. If you are looking for help with opioids, all you have to do is to call the hotline at 1-888-688-4222.

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