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Among Arizona’s Least Expensive Higher-End Rehab Centers…

We all know how wonderful healthcare can be here in the U.S., however when it comes residential drug rehab and other substance abuse related services, the cost can be astounding. And not just here in the Phoenix, AZ area, but nationwide as a whole. Seeing inpatient treatment centers charging upwards of 40 or even 50 thousand dollars per month has almost become mainstream, unfortunately.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers is far different, yet our overall measure for long-term success remains consistently high. For those entering AARC’s residential drug rehab programs without any type of PPO health insurance, the cash pay rate equates to about 1/2 of that which other comparable drug treatment programs charge. In the event of necessary enhanced recovery services such as medical detox, expanded psychiatric care for dual-diagnosis and so on, the first month may be a bit higher.

Arizona and its primary cities like Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and so forth, are unique in that they feature a few of the nation’s more prominent drug & alcohol treatment centers. Some are considered as being luxury facilities while others provide areas of focus such as Co-Occurring Disorders, Process Addictions (gambling, sex addiction, etc) and even one or two focusing on LGBTQ matters. The one constant however, is that many Arizona facilities charge quite a bit for reputable addiction treatment. AARC charges less then the luxury providers and we’re known for being the most luxurious center in AZ!

The AARC programs stand apart in a multitude of ways, among which are cost, effectiveness and quality of staff. We pride ourselves on doing better, achieving more and charging less so that you have the best chance of getting and staying sober, for life!


Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is here for you 24/7 by phone or email…call today and create the future you deserve: 602.346.9130

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