Humanitarian Scholarship Program

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center Humanitarian Scholarship


Arizona Addiction Recovery Center (AARC) is providing college students the opportunity to reach their educational goals in the fields of behavioral health or social services through its humanitarian scholarship, awarded once per quarter.

$1500 Scholarship

The AARC Humanitarian Scholarship Program will provide $1500 to a student for use in undergraduate or graduate education programs.

How can you be considered as a possible candidate? Students applying for this scholarship must be enrolling in a university of higher learning next year or currently enrolled at a collegiate institution in a program that culminates with a bachelor or graduate degree. All scholarship applicants must be age 18 or over and currently enrolled as a high school senior through college graduate level student.

Humanitarian Scholarship Essay Requirements

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center (AARC) is looking for scholars who want to use their education as a means to make a difference in the lives of others. All scholarship applicants must compose a 500-word essay, double-spaced, revealing how these funds will help in your personal quest for higher learning. Please cite personal experiences that illustrate examples of humanitarian or philanthropic efforts in social settings for community service or health care. Include ideologies or people who have influenced your decision to pursue education and vocational aspirations in the health or human services field. Send any inquiries and your essay to our email dedicated to this scholarship program.

In Addition to your essay, we urge applicants to read our blogs, venture to our Social Media pages, Google My Business Listings and comment, like and share everything that is relevant to you and your story. AARC only exists if we have clients to help, and 80% of our clients come from our Online efforts. The more your involved to help spread the word of recovery, the better chances of you becoming our Scholarship Winner!

Furthermore, and this is not a requirement, but if your a good writer and believe you have an article that’s relevant to the drug addiction / mental health field, feel free to write one and send it over for use on our blogs. 500+ words. You will be cited as the author and we would greatly appreciate the content! Here’s our blog page so you can see the content we are writing out daily:

Deadline to Apply for the Winter 2021 Humanitarian Scholarship Is Dec. 15, 2020. We will be announcing the recipient Jan.1, 2021.



Essay Focus

Some of the benefits of higher learning include philosophical exploration of the mind and spirit, allowing students the time needed to identify opportunities to formulate better ideas that serve others. Amidst today’s governmental changes in health care practices, mental and physical medical treatment and services are not readily available to all as limited financial resources and insurance providers continue to slip away. These are some of the challenges that college graduates will face when entering the health care job market.

The AARC Humanitarian Scholarship Program is seeking creative, solutions-based initiatives from college students that can help forge a positive path in bettering community, one life at a time. Social responsibility is more than a choice – to effectively conquer our health and wellness issues, it must be a way of life. Social responsibility is the crux of AARC in mission and our vision for the future. Recipients of our humanitarian scholarship award will represent the future of health care.

We’re looking for college students who can carry social responsibility to the next level. Your essay must reveal how your experiences, insights and passion for social responsibility in health care will provide benefits to your University of choice, the people you touch and the communities you will serve.

Colleges and Universities Interested in Posting and Offering This Scholarship to its Students Should Email Us Today!

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Arizona Addiction Recovery offers Accredited drug rehab services in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ.   Our treatment programs include care for chemical dependence and substance abuse. Does insurance cover rehab? Yes, AARC accepts PPO insurance. If your insurance provider does not cover treatment, we have payment options to help you or a loved one get quality care, today.