Short Term and Long Term Treatment

Long term drug treatment centers in Scottsdale, Arizona

Offering various levels of short and long-term programs at our Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona facilities.

Choosing between a short and long term addiction treatment program is a complex decision that can have great affect on the results of your recovery from substance abuse or other addictions. A comprehensive evaluation, by a licensed and experienced psychiatrist specializing in addiction treatment, can help determine whether you will best be served in a short or long term drug rehab.

Arizona Addiction Recovery Center provides a variety treatment types, styles and lengths.  Whether you or a loved one are in need of inpatient-residential type of rehab, or an intensive outpatient structure that affords more freedom and flexibility, we offer each type in lengths ranging from as little as 30 days to as long as 6 months.  In addition, these various programs are arranged throughout numerous locations in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ

Just as no two people are alike, their treatment for substance abuse should be tailored for their particular situation and individual needs. Furthermore, setting a time period for a person’s addiction treatment can be inhibiting and counterproductive. Short term drug rehab was actually first implemented by the insurance companies and limited addiction treatment to 30 days.  However, licensed recovery experts and much research indicates that success in sobriety is higher among those who complete longer term treatment programs – those lasting more than 90 days. According to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), rehab programs of at least 90 days or longer are recommended in order to provide an addicted person enough time to recover.

The goal here is Long-Term Sobriety.  The goal here is to minimize the possibility for relapse as much as possible.  And the goal is to set the stage for success, both in the short and long terms!

Advantages of Long Term Drug Treatment

  • More Time for Recovery: By not limiting your stay in a treatment center environment, you are much more able to address each level and element of the overall addiction recovery process. Equally important, this added time also better enables you to address any possible dual-diagnosis or mental health related issues.
  • More Effective Phasing (transitioning): Being in a treatment environment lasting more than 90 days will provide more opportunity to strategically transition through full-scale inpatient rehab and into less and less structure, thereby building a more solid foundation in sober life.
  • A Longer Break in the Substance Abuse/Addiction Cycle: The longer period of time one has in a protected clinical environment away from temptation, the greater the buffer zone dividing today’s recovery from yesterday’s using experiences.
  • Increased Well-Being: Drug and alcohol addiction has tremendous physical and emotional affects that can take substantial time to heal. With having enough time to devote to treating the mind, the body and the soul, one’s overall health and stability is far more likely to be in tact.
  • Form Healthy New Habits: By being able to focus on your recovery without any time limits, you can create new habits and actually learn to enjoy a life of sobriety.
  • Create a Better Quality of Life: While in long term treatment, you will have the opportunity to experience aftercare services such as relapse prevention, life coaching, navigation and life skills that will facilitate your transition into successful recovery.
  • Creating True Bonds in Recovery: Those who have successfully gone through a long term treatment program will almost always agree that some of their closest friendships in life were through their time in that program.

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We understand that each individual’s life is unique, and that the ability to break away from life and enter a drug or alcohol treatment program is not always on option to many people.  And whether you’re living here in Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona or elsewhere around the country, there should never be a scenario in which the right rehabilitation options are not made available!  In that spirit, Arizona Addiction Recovery Center offers specialized & affordable long-term treatment programs, in addition to our standard 30, 60 and 90-day treatment center.

The AARC staff is available for you 24/7 at 602.346.9130 or send us a confidential inquiry using the contact form at the bottom of this page. For those with PPO health insurance, we also invite you to speed things up by submitting your information via our health insurance verification form


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