Telehealth for Addiction Treatment

Bridging the Gap While Fighting COVID-19

The majority of us have never experienced anything like the Coronavirus (Covid-19) in our lifetime. We hope you are feeling safe in your community, taking the necessary precautions and taking this one day at a time. If you’re in Arizona you’re aware that we’ve been advised to postpone events where crowds are gathered to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus which means many AA fellowship meetings have ceased until April. As treatment teaches us, addiction thrives in isolation, but heals in community. We, at Arizona Addiction Recovery Center, are fully committed to protecting the well being and health of everyone in our abundant community.

AARC is pleased to announce that we are offering Telehealth for all clinical services for PHP and IOP including groups, individual and family sessions. This means that you can join our community from the comfort of your home through you cell phone or desktop computer. All you need is an internet connection and a desire to be a part of our AARC Family. We believe in the power of our COMMUNITY and that this offering will help us bridge the gap while fighting COVID-19.

Call 1-888-NODRUGS or email [email protected] please include your name and phone number and we’ll get you registered to attend within 24 hours. It only takes a few minutes to be on your way to continuing your recovery. We are here to help and be of maximum service to you. We are increasing all safety precautions recommended by the CDC and the Arizona Department of Health Services. Our Inpatient / Residential as well as our Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs will be continuing without interruption. In the meantime, be safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Chris Cohn and Lee Yaiva
Founder and CEO of Scottsdale Recovery Center &
Arizona Addiction Recovery Centers

*Arizona Addiction Recovery Center is a sister company of Scottsdale Recovery Center and owned and operated by Scottsdale Recovery Center.

Use of Telehealth in Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

Research has assessed the interest in Telehealth and thr use of 11 Telehealth applications in a sample of 356 drug and alcohol rehab organizations in the United States of America and found that the top four self-reported telemedicine applications being used were (1) computerized screening/assessment (44.6%), (2) telephone-based recovery supports (29.5%) and (3) telephone-based therapy (28.37%). The same study found that the greatest gaps between interest and actual use were for (1) texting appointment reminders (55.2% differential), (2) mobile apps for post treatment recovery (46.6% differential) and (3) recovery support chats (46.6% differential).

Using data that was collected from 356 behavioral health provider and drug rehab programs across the USA, we can better understand the utilization of telehealth among behavioral and addiction health care providers. According to the data, 48% of the behavioral health provider organizations use telehealth as apart of their addiction treatment services. Most often, providers would use video conferences for remote sessions. Psychiatrists and counselors are professionals that most often use this kind of service and Arizona Addiction Recovery Center employs the top therapists and psychotherapists in the Country.


Most times Substance abuse treatments are done in a face-to-face situation. The future of Telehealth applications in SUD treatments is very promising. Telehealth can help people that are normally unable to access addiction & recovery services due to barriers, such as the Coronavirus. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center believes in the power of COMMUNITY and this offering will help bridge the gap while fighting COVID-19, and moving into the future. AARC, Founded in 2010, is considered Arizona’s premier drug and alcohol facility. With all levels of care, including Inpatient/ Residential, Outpatient & MAT services, SRC sets the mark for the most optimal substance abuse treatment experience in the nation and telehealth is a testament of the modernistic and constant improvement of our treatment organization in this very integral aspect of the healthcare industry. (Substance abuse addiction and treatment services.)